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Listed below are links to a variety of social psychology teaching resources, including textbooks, course syllabi, lecture notes, classroom activities, demonstrations, assignments, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.

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Note: Please respect the work of others by obtaining permission before you use or adapt the teaching materials below.

Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
Large Sites on Teaching Psychology:

  General Resources
  Social Psychology Resources
  Journals on Teaching
  Email Discussion Lists
  Professional Groups

Teaching Tips:

  General Tip Sheets
  Specific Tip Sheets
  Books on Teaching
  e-Books on Teaching
  Online Essays from PsychTeacher

Classroom Materials:

  Lecture Notes:
    Lecture Notes with PowerPoint Slides
    Additional Lecture Notes
  Visual Aids and Handouts:
    Social Psychology
    Other Topics

Student Activities:

  Small-Group Activities
  Web-Based Activities:
    General Sites
    Social Perception
    Social Interaction
    Attitudes and Social Cognition
    Personality Psychology
    Other Topics
  Activity Handbooks
  Other Student Activities
Action Teaching:

  General Information
  Specific Examples
  2010 Award Recipients
  2009 Award Recipients
  2008 Award Recipients
  2007 Award Recipients
  2006 Award Recipients

Assignments and Projects:

  Participant Observation
  Paper Topics
  Journal Entries
  Other Assignments


  Online Quizzes
  Essay Questions
  Classroom Examinations

Student Study Aids:

  Tips on Test Taking
  Social Psychology Glossaries
  Writing Guides
  Citation Guides
  Research Tools and Tips

Other Resources:

  Social Psychology Documentaries
  Web-Based Instruction
  Academic Integrity
  Advising Resources
  Minority Student Resources
  Additional Resources

Large Sites on Teaching Psychology
General Resources:

Social Psychology Resources:

Journals on Teaching:

Email Discussion Lists:

Professional Groups:

Teaching Tips
General Tips on Teaching:

Tips on Specific Issues:

Books on Teaching:

e-Books on Teaching:

Online Essays from PsychTeacher:

Classroom Materials
Lecture Notes:

Visual Aids and Handouts:

Student Activities
Small-Group Activities:

Web-Based Activities:

Activity Handbooks:

Other Student Activities:

Action Teaching
General Information:

Specific Examples:

2010 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

2009 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

2008 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

2007 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

2006 Action Teaching Award Recipients:

Assignments and Projects
Participant Observation:

Paper Topics:

Journal Entries:

Other Assignments:

Online Quizzes:

Essay Questions:

Classroom Examinations:

Student Study Aids
Tips on Test Taking:

Social Psychology Glossaries:

Writing Guides:

Citation Guides:

Research Tools and Tips:

Other Resources
Social Psychology Documentaries:

Web-Based Instruction:

Academic Integrity:

Advising Resources:

Minority Student Resources:

Additional Resources:

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