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Take the Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview

In this assignment, your task will be to take the Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview offered by, a Social Psychology Network partner site that carries out web-based interviews on complex topics such as race relations, discrimination, and moral decision making. Successful completion of this assignment will add ten points to your course total.

Step I: Visit Visit the web site and click on the link to take the Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview. The interview usually takes 20-30 minutes to complete, and it should be taken alone and without interruptions or distractions. When prompted for your email address, please enter it so that there is an electronic record of you taking the interview.

Step II: Write About Your Experience

Write a one-page report answering the following questions:

  • What was it like to take the interview?

  • How did taking a web interview compare with taking a traditional human interview?

  • Did the "interviewer" seem to have a personality, and if so, how would you describe it?

  • Were there any instances in which the interview questions didn't make sense or seemed to contain errors in wording or logic?

  • Do you have suggestions for how the interview could be improved?

Step III: Turn in Your Paper

Turn in a typewritten copy of your paper at the beginning of class on the date given in the syllabus, making sure that your name is on the paper and that you do not exceed one typewritten double-spaced page in length (using 12-point font and 1" margins). No time extensions will be given, so be sure to print out your paper well in advance of the class period.

Important Note

As its name implies, the Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview will ask about your personal lifestyle choices. If for any reason you prefer not to take this interview, you may take eInterview's Race & Advertising Interview instead. Of the two, the Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview offers more individualized questions, so that interview is the one recommended for this assignment. Also, as stated in the course syllabus, please remember: "If at any point you prefer not to complete an assignment (or if your attempt to complete it is unsuccessful), you can still receive full credit by turning in a one-page report discussing the psychological factors that prevented you from carrying out the assignment."

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