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Distance Learning in Psychology

   This page offers links related to distance learning, including online courses and degree programs in psychology. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.

To find out whether a school or degree program is accredited in the U.S., please visit the Department of Education or American Psychological Association accreditation pages. If you wish to suggest any additions or changes to this list, click here.

Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
Web Sites on Distance Learning:

  Free Courses and Lectures
  Searchable Courses and Degree Programs
  Distance Learning Organizations
  Virtual Colleges, Universities, and Consortiums
  Other Useful Resources

Distance Degree Programs in Psychology:

  Bachelor's Degree Programs
  Master' Degrees Programs
  Doctoral Programs
Distance Learning Psychology Courses:

   Introduction to Psychology
   Clinical and Counseling Psychology
   Cognition and Perception
   Developmental Psychology
   Gender and Sexuality
   Learning and Motivation
   Neuroscience and Psychophysiology
   Personality Psychology
   Research Methods and Statistics
   Social Psychology
   Other Psychology Topics

Free Online Courses
  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  iTunes University
  Other Online Courses

Web Sites on Distance Learning
Free Courses and Lectures:

Searchable Courses and Degree Programs:

Distance Learning Organizations:

Virtual Colleges, Universities, and Consortiums:

Other Useful Resources:

Distance Degree Programs in Psychology
Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Master's Degree Programs:

Doctoral Programs:

Distance Learning Psychology Courses
Introduction to Psychology:

Clinical and Counseling Psychology:

Cognition and Perception:

Developmental Psychology:

Gender and Sexuality:

Learning and Motivation:

Neuroscience and Psychophysiology:

Personality Psychology:

Research Methods and Statistics:

Social Psychology:

Other Psychology Topics:

Free Online Courses
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs):

iTunes University:

Other Online Courses:

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