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Thanks to a technology known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS), you can get Social Psychology Network's global news service delivered right to your computer, web site, or blog. This service is offered at no charge and displays the same links found in SPN's popular feature "Psychology Headlines from Around the World."

Note: If you don't see headlines displayed to the right, close any bookmark or favorites panel you have open, maximize this browser window, and reload or refresh the page. If you have a medium or higher screen resolution, you should now see a column with news stories. For further information, please read below.

Q: Why use an RSS news feed?

A: A news feed automatically sends you stories as they break. You don't need to visit a web site -- if you're connected to the Internet, the headlines magically appear in your browser, news reader, web page, or blog.

Q: Is it easy to add and cancel news feeds?

A: Yes, as easy as clicking to visit a web page, cutting and pasting a web address, or selecting an item and clicking "Remove."

Q: How do I give this a try?

A: If you use a news reader, clip this web address into it:
Alternatively, if you use an RSS-capable web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, just click the orange or blue RSS Icon or XML Icon symbol you see in your browser.

Finally, if you have a customized page such as My Yahoo! or My AOL, you can add Psychology News by clicking on the relevant image below:

Add to My Yahoo! Add to Pageflakes Add to Google
Add to Windows Live Add to Bloglines Add to NewsGator
Add to Netvibes Add to FeedReader Add to Rojo

Q: Can I add this news service to my web page?

A: Yes, SPN offers free Psychology Headlines Search Boxes that can be placed on a web page or blog in less than 5 minutes. These boxes allow your visitors to search thousands of psychology news stories and see the latest psychology headlines.

Q: Where can I get a news reader?

A: If you want to see how readers work, here are some good starting places:

Several of these RSS readers are either freeware or shareware products with a free trial period.

Q: Is this news service available without using a news reader?

A: In addition to reading news stories on this web site or through a Psychology Headlines Search Box, you can follow PsychNews on Twitter. Enjoy!

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