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Nataliya Zubar

Nataliya Zubar

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

I am a pro direct democracy NGO leader from Ukraine. Our work is dedicated to monitoring and promoting civil freedoms. We use social psychology to design actions and to analyze outcomes. Our research director is a social psychologist; our political analyst uses social psychology methods routinely, and myself I became fascinated by this science in graduate school. I am by no means a professional social psychologist; I am just a manager of those.

Here are few relevant projects in which we use social psychology:

URBAN DEVELOPMENT: "Symbolic violence in the cities of contemporary Ukraine"

Ongoing research project, started in 2012, with elements of advocacy, based on sociology concept of “symbolic violence”. Unique research methodology was used for comparative analysis of four big cities (each presenting distinct geographical and cultural region). Factors that boost violence were determined and analyzed. Graffitti and murals were indicated as visual monitoring tools for social tensions in urban landscapes. See FILES section for presentation.

HUMAN RIGHTS: "Socio-psychological study of everyday ideas about human rights"

In a nation-wide study in 2009 we had found significant evidence of “hidden”, socially invisible discrimination and now are designing new action plan to study the phenomena in depth. The crossdisciplinary research focused on individual and collective everyday life ideas about the human rights (and the consept of "Rights" in general), related psychological constructs and cultural practices. Correlation analysis of these ideas according to Hofstede's cultural dimensions was performed.

ELECTORAL DECISIONS: “Rationalization of the Choice 2006: An Interactive comparison of voter expectations and the promises of political factions”

Before the Parliamentary elections we have surveyed the public in 10 regions (of 25 total) of Ukraine and asked to rate the importance of the answers to 12 questions on a national list and 12 questions on regional lists concerning electoral preferences. Together with the public survey, we distributed questionnaires with these issues to hundreds of politicians in 10 regions and asked them to choose the five questions from both lists, which were of greatest concern to voters, and to provide their answers to the chosen questions. We have received 127 questionnaires from the regional party HQs. Refusals to answer the questionnaires were analyzed.
We authored a book focused on analysis of data collected, and used it to predict the political development. Predictions were very accurate.
This project was the first in Ukraine to combine the activists’ sociology and public dialogue with politicians. The study results were recognized by the scientific community.

Received Honorable Mention of Day of Compassion Award 2013

Primary Interests:


  • M.S, Physics

    National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Work Experience

  • Chairman of the board

    Maidan Monitoring Information Center
    November 2012 - present
  • CEO

    Civic Methodics and Information Center Vsesvit
    January 2005 - November 2012
  • Technical Director

    Webby International Webhosting Inc
    July 1997 - present
  • Vice-director

    "Kraj" Information Company
    June 1991 - January 1998
  • Scientific Researcher

    National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
    April 1989 - April 1991

Languages Spoken

  • English

    Advanced proficiency
  • Polish

    Advanced proficiency
  • Russian

    Native speaker
  • Ukrainian

    Native speaker

Psychology Mentors, Inspirations, and Influences

  • Iryna Nikonenko
    My grandmother, great school teacher, best psychologist I even knew in my life. Her students were coming for her for couselling 30 years after finishing school. She would love this course as she studied human nature up to her last day. She died peacefully in 91 with crystal clear mind.
  • David Myers
    Hope College
    Just Thank you for your excellent books!
  • A British science fiction writer whose prediction are coming true faster and faster.
  • Greatest up to date Ukrainian philosopher who lived in XVIII century, was closely assosiated with my hometown Kharkiv, one of first natural libertarians in Ukraine. Commemorated in biggest banknote (500) of Ukrainian currency Hryvna/

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Nataliya Zubar
Chernyshevska Str. 4/6
61002 Kharkiv

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