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Calendar    The web sites listed on this page have been compiled over the past few years by students and the teaching staff of introductory Social Psychology at Wesleyan University. Each week corresponds to topics covered in the course textbook and lectures during the preceding week.

 Table of Contents (click on a topic of interest)
Week 1

  Research Methods and Social Construction
  Self-Esteem and Self-Handicapping

Week 2

  Social Perception and Misperception
  Cognitive Heuristics
  Compare Yourself with Others
  Attribution Theory and Biases

Week 3

  Attitude-Behavior Inconsistency
  Cognitive Dissonance

Week 4

  Gender Roles
  Transgender Topics
  Deindividuation and Collective Action
  Stanford Prison Experiment

Week 5

  On Obedience to Authority
  Cat Obedience Cartoons
  Other Obedience and Conformity Cartoons
  Conformity and Peer Pressure
  Norm Violations from Improv Everywhere
  More on Norms and Norm Violations

Week 6

  U.S. Presidential Campaigns
  Propaganda and Cults
  Advertising and Counter-Advertising
  Don't Get Smoked
  Compliance Tactics and Techniques
  Consumer Behavior
  Dealing with Dealers

Week 7

  The Abilene Paradox
Evaluation Apprehension and Social Loafing
Week 8

  Racism, Ethnocentrism, and Stereotyping
  Implicit Biases
  Color and Colorism
  Racial Biases in Punishment and Justice
  TED Talks on Racism and Criminal Justice
  Anti-Racism and Prejudice Reduction

Week 9

  The Language of Prejudice
  Sexism and Gender Equality
  Heterosexism and Homophobia
  Other Links on Prejudice

Week 10

  Aggression Cartoon Gallery
  Research on Media Violence
  Other Links on Media Violence
  Sexual Violence and Rape
  News Stories on Aggression
  Other Topics on Aggression

Week 11

  Interpersonal Attraction
  Physical Attractiveness
  Love and Relationships
  Same-Sex Marriage

Week 12

  Bystander Tragedies
  The Murder of Kitty Genovese
  More on Bystander Intervention
  Altruism and Helping
  Some Ways to Give

Week 13

  Peace and Conflict Resolution
  Conflict and Peace in the Middle East
  Clinical Applications and the Barnum Effect

Week 14

  Leading a Happy Life
  Climate Change
  How to Reduce Climate Change
  Psychology and Climate Change
  International Psychology Links

Week 1: Sites of the Week
Video of the Week:

   Quirkology: The Amazing
Colour Changing Card Trick

Length: 2:43 minutes

Source: Quirkology

Research Methods and Social Construction:

Self-Esteem and Self-Handicapping:

Week 2: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   How Heuristics Can Mislead:
The Miles Per Gallon Illusion

Length: 4:02 minutes

Source: Duke University

   Counterfactual Thinking
and Olympic Medals

Length: 1:26 minutes

Source: Jerry Seinfeld

Social Perception and Misperception:

Cognitive Heuristics:

Compare Yourself with Others:

Attribution Theory and Biases:

Week 3: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   What It Was Like to Work
with Leon Festinger

Length: 32:29 minutes


   Why People Think It's Okay to
Cheat and Steal (Sometimes)

Length: 18:23 minutes


Attitude-Behavior Inconsistency:

Cognitive Dissonance:

Week 4: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Deindividuation Hits U.S. Capitol
(from Senate Impeachment Trial)

Length: 14:01 minutes

Source: NBC News

   Zimbardo: The Movie

Length: 1:52 minutes

Source: Group Zappa

   The Difference Between Booing
a Celebrity and a Person

Length: 3:58 minutes

Source: The Tonight Show

Gender Roles:

Transgender Topics:

Deindividuation and Collective Action:


Stanford Prison Experiment:

Week 5: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   What If People in Grand
Central Station Froze?

Length: 2:16 minutes

Source: Improv Everywhere

   NORM: Increasing Mask
Usage to Save Lives

Length: 2:15 minutes

Source: Yale Insights

On Obedience to Authority:

Cat Obedience Cartoons:

Other Obedience and Conformity Cartoons:

Conformity and Peer Pressure:

Norm Violations from Improv Everywhere:

More on Norms and Norm Violations:

Week 6: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Television Attack Ad Against
Thomas Jefferson from 1800

Length: 45 seconds

Source: Center for New American Media

   Vincent Rudd Is Worst
Human Being in Congress

Length: 1:07 minutes

Source: (Wesleyan Media Project)

U.S. Presidential Campaigns:

Propaganda and Cults:

Advertising and Counter-Advertising:

Don't Get Smoked:

Compliance Tactics and Techniques:

Consumer Behavior:

Dealing with Dealers:

Week 7: Sites of the Week
Video of the Week:

   How to Say No
and Still Get To Yes

Length: 3:38 minutes

Source: Expanded Books


The Abilene Paradox:

Evaluation Apprehension and Social Loafing:


Week 8: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Rustin: The Trailer

Length: 2:07 minutes

Source: Netflix

   Alan Alda Tests
Himself for Hidden Biases

Length: 7:37 minutes

Source: Scientific American

Racism, Ethnocentrism, and Stereotyping:

Implicit Biases:

Color, Colorism, and Cosmetics:

Racial Biases in Punishment and Justice:

TED Talks on Racism and Criminal Justice:

Anti-Racism and Prejudice Reduction:


Week 9: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Love Is More Than Skin Deep

Length: 3:19 minutes

Source: Ad Council

The Language of Prejudice:

Sexism and Gender Equality:

Heterosexism and Homophobia:

Other Links on Prejudice:

Week 10: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Do People Drive More Aggressively
When There's a Gun in the Car?

Length: 2:11 minutes

Source: ScienceSites

   Patrick Stewart Talks
About Domestic Violence

Length: 5:04 minutes

Source: Amnesty International

Aggression Cartoon Gallery:

Research on Media Violence:

Other Links on Media Violence:

Sexual Violence and Rape:

News Stories on Aggression:

Other Topics on Aggression:

Week 11: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   No Wonder Our View
Of Beauty Is Distorted

Length: 1:15 minutes

Source: Dove Self-Esteem Fund

   Have Your Perceptions of
Women Been Photoshopped?

Length: 1:12 minutes


Interpersonal Attraction:

Physical Attractiveness:

Love and Relationships:

Same-Sex Marriage:

Week 12: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   The Witness
(Movie Trailer)

Length: 2:06 minutes

Source: Five More Minutes Productions

   Toddler Ignored After
Double Hit-and-Run
(Warning: Graphic)

Length: 2:25 minutes

Source: CCTV Footage on Chinese TV

Bystander Tragedies:

The Murder of Kitty Genovese:

More on Bystander Intervention:

Altruism and Helping:

Some Ways to Give:

Week 13: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Barnum Asks: Do You Have the
Personality of a Mass Murderer?

Length: 2:23 minutes

Source: ABC 20/20

   A Six-Year-Old Girl
Calls for Family Peace

Length: 2:54 minutes

Source: Angel OnEarth

   Confusion of the Inverse
in the Form of a Riddle

Length: 5:19 minutes

Source: TED-Ed

Peace and Conflict Resolution:

Conflict and Peace in the Middle East:

Clinical Applications and the Barnum Effect:

Week 14: Sites of the Week
Videos of the Week:

   Some Research-Based Tips
On Leading a Happy Life

Length: 22:02 minutes


   Helping Others Makes Us Happier,
But How We Do It Matters

Length: 14:29 minutes


   No Joke: Maldives
Holds a Cabinet
Meeting Underwater

Length: 1:17 minutes

Source: Associated Press

Living a Happy Life:

Climate Change:

How to Reduce Climate Change:

Psychology and Climate Change:

International Psychology Links:

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