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Peace Psychology Links by Subtopic

     This page has links related to peace, nonviolence, terrorism, conflict resolution, peace studies programs, peace research, peace organizations, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.

Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
Peace and Nonviolence:

  General Resources
  Psychology-Related Resources
  Peace Memorials and Museums
  General Resources
  Mahatma Gandhi
  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Specific Conflicts and Peace Efforts:

  Genocide Prevention in the Sudan
  Campus Activism and Divestment
  Other Useful Sites
  War and Peace in Afghanistan
  Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiatives


  The Psychology of Terrorism
  September 11th, 2001
  Responses to September 11th
  Publications on Terrorism
  Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Research
  Other Links on Terrorism
Teaching and Learning Peace:

  Peace Education
  Undergraduate Programs:
  In the United States
  Outside the United States
  Graduate Studies
  Peace Psychology Courses

Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution:
  International Peace
  Interpersonal Peace
  Intrapersonal Peace

  On Peace and Conflict Resolution
  On Violence and Aggression
  APA Books
  Research Journals
  Other Publications

Peace and Conflict Resolution Organizations:

  University-Based Programs:
  In the United States
  Outside the United States
  Independent Research Institutes and Centers
  Professional Societies and Associations
  Networks, Coalitions, and Federations
  Cultural Exchange and Service-Oriented Groups
  Other Peace and Conflict Resolution Groups

Peace and Nonviolence


Specific Conflicts and Peace Efforts
  • Genocide Prevention in the Sudan:

    War and Peace in Afghanistan:

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:

    Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiatives:

  • Terrorism
    The Psychology of Terrorism:

    September 11th, 2001:

    Responses to September 11th:


    Publications on Terrorism:

    Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Research:

    Other Links on Terrorism:

    Teaching and Learning Peace
    Peace Education:

    Undergraduate Programs:

    Graduate Studies:

    Peace Psychology Courses:

    Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
    International Peace:

    Interpersonal Peace:

    Intrapersonal Peace:


    American Psychological Association Books:

    Research Journals:

    Other Publications:

    Peace and Conflict Resolution Organizations
    University-Based Programs:

    Independent Research Institutes and Centers:

    Professional Societies and Associations:

    Networks, Coalitions, and Federations:

    Cultural Exchange and Service-Oriented Groups:

    Other Peace and Conflict Resolution Groups:

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