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Textbooks on Conducting Research

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This page lists textbooks on research methods, research ethics, and data analysis. For additional bibliographies, searchable catalogs, and other information, see:

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Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
Research Methods:

  General Introductory Texts
  Experimental Methods
  Research in Social Psychology
  Literature Searches and Reviews
  Surveys and Questionnaires
  Interviews and Focus Groups
  Personality Assessment
  Internet-Based Research
  Qualitative Research
  Other Methodology Textbooks
Research Ethics:

  Studies on Humans
  Studies on Nonhuman Animals
  Other Research Ethics Textbooks

Data Analysis:

  Introductory Statistics
  Statistics for Non-Quantitative Readers
  Qualitative Data Analysis

Research Methods
General Introductory Texts:

Experimental Methods:

Research in Social Psychology:

Literature Searches and Reviews:

Surveys and Questionnaires:

Interviews and Focus Groups:

Personality Assessment:

Internet-Based Research:

Qualitative Research:

Other Methodology Textbooks:

Research Ethics
Studies on Humans:

Studies on Nonhuman Animals:

Other Research Ethics Textbooks:

Data Analysis
Introductory Statistics:

Statistics for Non-Quantitative Readers:


Qualitative Data Analysis:

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