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Bibliography of Student Resources

   This page contains a bibliography of student career resources in psychology, including tips on getting into graduate school, conducting research, finding jobs, and more. Through a special partnership agreement, up to 15% of all book purchases made through (by clicking a link below and ordering the book online) will be donated to Social Psychology Network.

Book As a token of appreciation, books published by SPN sponsors are highlighted in red. Other publishers are also invited to become SPN sponsors.

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Table of Contents (click on a category of interest)
Undergraduate Education:

  Majoring in Psychology
  Advanced Placement in Psychology

Writing Assistance:

  General Writing Guides
  Psychology Writing Guides
  Thesis Writing Guides
  Dissertations and Graduate Theses
  American Psychological Association Style
  Other Useful Resources
Career and Internship Advice:

  General Psychology Career Guides
  Academic Career Guides
  Clinical and Counseling Career Guides
  Internship Opportunities

Graduate School:

  Psychology Graduate Programs
  Applying to Graduate School
  Graduate Record Examination
  Graduate School Handbooks

Undergraduate Education
Majoring in Psychology:

Advanced Placement in Psychology:

Writing Assistance
General Writing Guides:

Psychology Writing Guides:

Thesis Writing Guides:

Dissertations and Graduate Theses:

American Psychological Association Style:

Other Useful Resources:

Career and Internship Advice
General Psychology Career Guides:

Academic Career Guides:

Clinical and Counseling Career Guides:

Internship Opportunities:

Graduate School
Psychology Graduate Programs:

Applying to Graduate School:

Graduate Record Examination:

Graduate School Handbooks:

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