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Robert B Singleton, MCMA

Robert B Singleton, MCMA

Win the Game Within

Psychotherapist; Board Certified Hypnotherapist; Specialization, Social Policy for Social Services & Health Practitioners; Specialization in Positive Psychology; Full Practitioner Member, Complementary Medical Association; Specialization in Virtual Teaching; 280-Hour Master Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language; Specialization in Journalism; Member, Society of Professional Journalists; Member, Society for Community Research and Action; Member; International Positive Psychology Association; Dip. CBT, MBCBT, MBSR, PTSD.

Wholly dedicated to the mission of Social Psychology in pursuit of justice, equality and well-being.

Primary Interests:


  • Specialization, Integrative Health and Medicine

    University of Minnesota
  • Specialization, Social Policy for Social Services & Health Practitioners

    Columbia University
  • Specialization, Journalism

    Michigan State University
  • Specialization, Virtual Teacher

    University of California, Irvine
  • Specialization, Positive Psychology

    University of Pennsylvania

Honors and Awards

  • Antarctica Service Medal of the United States

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • International Positive Psychology Association
  • Society for Community Research and Action
  • Society of Professional Journalists
  • Complementary Medical Association

Languages Spoken

  • English

    Native speaker
  • Spanish

    Basic proficiency

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Robert B Singleton, MCMA
631 NW 10th Street
Miami, Florida 33136
United States

  • Work: 33136
  • Home: 33136
  • Mobile: 3053015608
  • Skype Name: bobbydigits

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