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Prof. Alexis Karpouzos

Prof. Alexis Karpouzos

Philosopher and author

Alexis karpouzos (born April 09, 1967, Athens city, Greece) is an Greek-born philosopher, spiritual teacher and author. As with so many mystics, Alexis karpouzos intuitively know the oneness of cosmic creation and historic humanity as part of all that is and all there isn't. So, the originality of Alexis Karpouzos thought is that it crosses the most diverse fields, the most opposing philosophies, to unite them into an often contradictory and broken whole. Marx and Heidegger, Nietzsche, Freud and Heraclitus, poets and political theorists all come together in the same distance and the same unusual proximity. Alexis karpouzos use Pre-Socratics philosophy and generally the ancient Greek philosophy, as well as the pre-philosophical thinking of The Upanishads, the Vedas and Buddhism in India, of Lao Tzu, of Zen Buddhism and the Taoist tradition in China, of the Arab mystics and poets, with their metaphysical religiosity as the metaphysical basis for the interpretation and understanding of the world and existence. At the same time the ancient metaphysics is connect with Hegel’s dialectical ontology and with the modern thinking of Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Heidegger, and others as the interpretive context for understanding the central problems of the technical and scientific world during his time. Novalis, Hölderlin, Rimbaud, Whitman, Eliot and others show the dreamy nature of existence, the transcendence of the Cosmos, welcome the infinity. For Alexis karpouzos the combination of ancient and modern thought creates the holistic experience of universal space-time and the consciousness of the unity. The poetic thought of Alexis karpouzos is a expressions of soul's inner experiences, expression of universality. The inspiring visual images and the symbolic use of language offer a description of elevating experiences of consciousness, a glimpse of higher worlds. The philosophy of Alexis karpouzos speak to the human experience from a universal perspective, transcending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid images and a direct language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all the creatures of the world, compassion for others, admiration for the beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an abiding faith in the invisible touch of world. Alexis karpouzos thoughts are often terse and paradoxical, challenging us to to break out of the box of limiting beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, Alexis karpouzos continually calls to us to wake up and explore the mysteries within our own selves, i.e the mysteries of universe. In 1998 alexis karpouzos founded the international center of learning, research and culutre, a wisdom forum for studying issues of science and society in an integral way. He has been a visioner in the development of post-history sense of cosmic unity and the integral consciousness.

Ο Αλέξης καρπούζος γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα στις 9 Απριλίου 1967, αφού παρακολούθησε μαθήματα φιλοσοφίας και κοινωνικών σπουδών στη Φιλοσοφική Σχολή Αθηνών και μαθήματα πολιτικών επιστημών στη Νομική Σχολή Αθηνών, συνέχισε τις σπουδές του στην ψυχανάλυση και την ψυχολογία. της μάθησης. Κατά τη διάρκεια των σπουδών του στην Ελλάδα συμμετείχε ενεργά στα κοινωνικά και οικολογικά κινήματα. Το 1990 γνώρισε τον Κορνήλιο Καστοριάδη, έναν ελληνικής καταγωγής φιλόσοφο και παρακολούθησε τις διαλέξεις και τα μαθήματά του. Επηρεάστηκε από την προσπάθεια του Καστοριάδη να συνδέσει τη φιλοσοφία με την ψυχανάλυση και την πολιτική, προκειμένου να δημιουργηθεί μια νέα οπτική σε μερικά από τα προβλήματα της κοινωνίας στην εποχή του. Το 1995 συναντήθηκε με τον Κώστα Αξελό και εμπνεύστηκε από τη μεταφιλοσοφική του σκέψη και τις κεντρικές του έννοιες, όπως οι έννοιες του παιχνιδιού και της πλανητικής σκέψης.

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