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Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell

Mathematician. Currently data scientist. Seeking personal, professional and intellectual development. Interest in data visualizations and deepening my understanding of topics by writing glosses and expositions on them.

I am making this profile as part of taking the Coursera course.

Recently (December 2022) obtained diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder, pretty late in life.

It's not a surprise, and is something I've implicitly taken for granted for most of my adult life. But I had been in an academic environment for mathematics until my early 30s, and then spent several years subsistence earning doing the only skill I had been able to sell ever, instruction.
In spring of 2022, it was shocking to have an interview a friend of a friend had connected me for, got me a job offer as a data scientist; I had spent a half year attempting to find work other than math tutoring and never got an interview from hundreds of applications, and had written off finding regular work ever.

I give this as setting for why I have lately pursued autism spectrum disorder diagnosis; having gotten into the land of milk and honey of comfortable satisfying employment, I had the benefits to pursue testing, and something to want to build a protective coating for, my employment - having a diagnosis allows some small accommodations and add a layer of complication to being fired, because being part of the world is rather nicer than the very meager life tutoring was able to reliably sustain.

The assignment of crafting an impression is a real stretch for me. I've coped with having a very dull sense of crafting impressions be being earnest with everything I do.

Primary Interests:


  • M.Sc., Mathematics

    University of Toronto
  • B.Math., Mathematics

    Carleton University

Honors and Awards

  • 2019 recipient of Carl B. Allendoerfer Award for expository mathematical writing, Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

Work Experience

  • Data Science Associate

    Canadian Tire Corporation
    July 2022 - present
  • Math tutoring

    Self employed and agencies
    April 2018 - June 2022
  • Course instruction

    University of Toronto
    May 2013 - May 2017
  • Teaching assistant

    University of Toronto
    September 2008 - May 2016


Primary goal: Exploring options
Will become available: May 1, 2023
Willing to relocate: Yes


Data science (Python and SQL). Instructional content creation. Mathematics. CV and portfolio on homepage

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Jordan Bell
Toronto, Ontario

  • Mobile: 4165283258

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