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José Miguel Hernández Hervás

José Miguel Hernández Hervás

Working as a manager for an Automotive Company. Organizational Psychologyst. Certified as life & executive Coach. Interested in Social Psychology for improving my skills and be able to help other people. Always moving, always learning!
From an early age I've felt attracted to human behavior. I have always worked in positions in direct contact with customers, and also being responsible for large work-teams. I decided to become a coach for developing the potential and skills of my team and also to help others... Help people to achieve their full potential and developing their strengths.... It's something that I can not explain, but it makes me proud and makes me feel fulfilled as a human being. During my training as a coach, I deepened my knowledge in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Later I trained as an organizational psychologist, to better understand the behavior of people in the work environment.
Now, as a member of SPN, I hope to continue expanding my knowledge and skills and do better each time that which I really enjoy.

Primary Interests:


  • Grado, Sociologia

  • Certificacion Internacional en Coaching profesional, Experto en Coaching

    Escuela Europea de Lideres
  • Curso, Formación de Formadores

    Instituto Europeo de Formación de Formadores
  • Curso, Tratamiento de la Autoestima

    Instituto Europeo de Formación de Formadores
  • Dip., Marketing

    C.E.P.A.D.E. Universidad Politecnica Madrid
  • Grado, Psicología

    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Bachelor Degree, Organizational Psychology

    Bircham International University
  • Master, Neuromarketing

    Escuela de Postgrado de Psicología y Psiquiatría

Work Experience

  • Manager

    Vedat Mediterráneo Servicios
    March 2007 - present
  • Aftermarket Manager

    January 2000 - February 2007
  • Manager

    January 1996 - December 1999
  • Chef de File

    May 1989 - December 1995

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • AICM ( Asociación Internacional de Coching y Mentoring)
  • AIDCP (Asociación Internacional de Coaches Profesionales)
  • IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association)
  • ASNIE (Asociacion Nacional de Inteligencia Emocional)

Languages Spoken

  • English

    Intermediate proficiency
  • Spanish

    Native speaker
  • French

    Basic proficiency

Psychology Mentors, Inspirations, and Influences

  • Daniel Goleman
    Harvard University
    Reading his book "Emotional Intelligence", awakened my curiosity and interest in learning about the human behavior.
  • Dan & Chip Heath
    Stanford University
    Their work "Switch", has deeply influenced me and made me apply the concept of the "bright spots" in many facets of my life.
  • Martin Seligman
    University of Pennsylvania
    I like the boost that have taken psychology, thanks to his approach of Positive Psychology, which I am an enthusiastic
  • Mihály Csíkszentmihályi
    Claremont University
    Flow Theory, it is a good way to understand modern life and achieve happiness

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José Miguel Hernández Hervás

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