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D. Ernesto del Valle

D. Ernesto del Valle

Is there life out of social networks? ;)

I am a Senior Consultant and entrepreneur; Marketing professional with over 20 years experience; researcher passionate about how people interact, communicate and relate in Social Networks. Devoted to my customers. I help people who is seeking knowledge and solutions about Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Social Media and User Experience.

My true calling is teaching, and whenever I can, I help young students and entrepreneurs who need advice.

I believe in the power of social networks, and culture with passion my relationships with more than 1500 professional contacts on LinkedIn and 8,000 followers on Twitter. I wish that you were one of them :)

As a veteran online marketing specialist, a rare species, try to keep my pioneering spirit intact.

My commitments:

-Always learning, always researching. Always willing to devote some of my time to share knowledge with others.
-Sharing valuable content about Social Media and Digital Marketing in my blog (traffic: 200,000 visitors per year).
-Ready for a good conversation on Twitter;) .
-Giving my best to my customers and students.

Primary Interests:


  • Licenciado, Geografía e Historia

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Curso Superior, Customer Intelligence & Datamining

  • Curso Superior, Community Managemet

  • Master, Dirección Comercial y Marketing

    Escuela Internacional de Negocios CEREM

Honors and Awards

  • Member of Womenalia Experts Council ( )

Work Experience

  • Marketing Manager

    SPACO S.A.
    January 1992 - May 1998
  • Product Manager

    Blockbuster Video
    May 1998 - May 2006
  • Product Director

    June 2006 - February 2007
  • Product Director

    División del Comercio Electrónico del Grupo Planeta - Ocio Joven
    April 2007 - July 2008
  • Content Director

    El Armario de la Tele
    October 2010 - April 2011
  • Owner

    Gabinete de Consultoría Digital de Ernesto del Valle
    December 2009 - present
  • COO & CMO

    Global e-Accelerator
    September 2015 - present
  • Professor

    UNIR - Universidad Internacional de la Rioja
    September 2014 - present

Membership in Professional Organizations


Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

    Native speaker
  • English

    Advanced proficiency

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D. Ernesto del Valle

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