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Ms. Akke Myrielle de Jong

Ms. Akke Myrielle de Jong

Building bridges and forging sustainable futures!

I am a typical example of a post-war product of the Dutch colonial times. The Dutch East Indies were handed back to its rightful owners in 1949, and my parents moved to the "fatherland," the Netherlands, in 1957. As a babe in arms, I was not aware of the incredible change in surroundings, culture, and climate. What was blatantly obvious, though, was the fact that I certainly did not look Dutch or even Western, although my grandfather, a native Dutchman, had decided to take a position with the Royal Dutch Navy and moved to Indonesia in 1868, where he married my grandmother in Bandung (West-Java).

Growing up in the West enabled me to be part of a society that offered me all the advantages of education—coming from an academic background—and offering me career prospects, which were not as easily accessible for my peers, whose parents had made the choice to remain in Indonesia. I became aware of those facts when I returned to my motherland in 2004, and realising that my heart and my soul were embedded in Indonesian soil, I decided it was time to return something of that valuable know-how, expertise, and experience I had been fortunate enough to acquire during my life. The establishment of the Foundation Kebon Sepatu is based on that awareness; to lead a valuable life, one has to return something durable to those who are less fortunate.

Working experience in both the private and public sector has enabled me to broaden the scope of my expertise, particularly where it concerns intercultural relations and educational policy linked with mandatory diplomatic skills in areas of the European Union, where I am currently employed. This professional environment has enhanced my skills to assess what is needed to persuade my counterparts in their approach to issues from different, and very often a broader, perspective.

Viewing my purpose in life as an ongoing learning process, psychology in general—and more specifically, social psychology—will encompass all aspects of human nature, progress, and spiritual awareness as comprehensive building blocks in order to create a fair, balanced, and sustainable society in which we all can flourish. It has given me the opportunity to combine the two professional working fields of justice and psychology in choosing to prepare my Masters in Forensic Psychology.

Primary Interests:


  • BA, Performing Arts

    Theater School Amsterdam
  • Post-Graduate Course, British Theatre

    City Literary Institute London (UK)
  • Accreditation, Psycho-analyses

    Centre of Excellence

Honors and Awards

  • Recommendation Intercultural Relations
  • Personal Recommendation Director Coverall
  • Recommendation 4th Dimension Travel-Director S.A. Agostini
  • Recommendation Onderwijs Advies (Educational Institute)

Work Experience

  • Actress

    various Theatre Companies and Productions (UK)
    July 1979 - June 1981
  • Management PA

    Ecuador Travel
    August 1983 - July 1986
  • PA to the Ambassador of the Republic of Egypt

    Government of Egypt
    September 1995 - May 1997
  • PA-legal affairs

    Municipality of Delft
    May 1997 - July 1999
  • Project coordination and policy Secretaris

    Semi Governmental Organisation - Onderwijs Advies
    August 1999 - October 2005
  • Assistent to the Head of Unit BFP-Eurojust

    European Commission Judicial Agency
    November 2005 - January 2017
  • National Desk Assistant to the NM for the Netherlands

    February 2017 - January 2019
  • Director/Owner

    PT Sasak Studio Sejati
    February 2020 - present

Membership in Professional Organizations

  • British Actor's Equity Association
  • Social Psychology Network

Languages Spoken

  • Dutch

    Native speaker
  • Indonesian

    Intermediate proficiency
  • English

    Native speaker
  • French

    Advanced proficiency

Psychology Mentors, Inspirations, and Influences

  • Carla Meek
    Carla Meek is the founder of Foundation Social Cultural Institution Indonesia-Netherlands. Confined to a wheelchair, she manages to inspire her members to achieve a greater sense of awareness of cultural aspects that have played a major part in overcoming biases, resulting in improving cooperation.
  • Mitchel Green
    Professor of Philosophy at UCONN
    Joining the Coursera class "Know Thyself; No Thyself" proved to be the best decision of 2012. Mitch Green paved a smooth way through a maze of philosophers and psychologists through innovative, mindful introspection. Using thought-provoking approaches, he created a path toward self-awareness.

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Ms. Akke Myrielle de Jong
De Groene Haven 182
2627CD Delft
The Netherlands

  • Work: +6281775266641
  • Home: +31640750484
  • Mobile: +31640750484
  • Skype Name:

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