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Mr Bert van Dijk, MHD

Mr Bert van Dijk, MHD

Influence others, start with yourself.

Some people like me, some don't. The same goes to you and anybody else.
It is not primarily how we act, think and feel that makes people like us or not, but it is their perception of us.
In my lectures and courses I support you to be aware of your perception and from there influence people in a respectful, open and yet effective way. Influence others, start with yourself is the name of my book and all my work is bases on it.

Primary Interests:


  • MHD, Master of Human Devlopment

    Schouten & Nelissen University

Work Experience

  • Trainer/advisor

    Schouten & Nelissen
    October 1997 - July 2007

Membership in Professional Organizations


Languages Spoken

  • English

    Advanced proficiency
  • Dutch

    Native speaker

Psychology Mentors, Inspirations, and Influences

  • Theo IJzermans
    Albert Ellis Institute
    My RET teacher. I'm so sorry Theo passed away in in 2009.
  • Anne-lies Hustings
    My present business partner and former teacher. Expert on assertiveness and one of the best coaches I have ever met.

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Mr Bert van Dijk, MHD
The Netherlands

  • Work: +31643122799
  • Home: +31643122799
  • Mobile: +31643122799
  • Skype Name: Bert van Dijk

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