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Alex Wang

Alex Wang

aka Unixfy

If life gives you lemons, make orange juice and have everyone wonder how the heck you did it.
My name is Alex Wang, but I also go by the pseudonym Unixfy online. I am a high school student in the United States of America. I have an interest in a lot of different things, ranging from law to web design and social psychology. You can check out some of the work I've done in these subjects in the "Files" tab at the top!

Some of my hobbies include gaming, systems administration (I have a nice collection of servers around the world), and debate. I regularly participate in activities to play to all of these interests - examples of which you can view in the "Education and Work" tab above. Some of these activities include a virtual government simulation, where I am a member of the legislative branch and a deputy party leader.
Finally, I am the type of person who really enjoys learning. Given the increased time I have at my disposal due to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to start some of my own projects, including reviving my blog, and I also took some MOOCs on sites like Coursera. You can view some of my credentials from these courses in the "education and work" tab. In fact, this page was created as part of a Coursera course.

Primary Interests:


  • Diploma

    High School
    Expected: May 2022

Honors and Awards

  • Computer Science Courses Completion - Oakland University
  • AP Capstone Diploma (In Progress)
  • Amazon Alexa Developer Program Member
  • Outstanding Senator - Michigan Youth in Government 2020

Work Experience

  • Partner

    April 2020 - present
  • Secretary-General of External & Fiscal Affairs

    Model United Nations Club
    April 2020 - present

Languages Spoken

  • English

    Advanced proficiency
  • German

    Intermediate proficiency
  • Chinese

    Basic proficiency

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Alex Wang
United States

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