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Free Offerings from SPN Sites

   Social Psychology Network offers a wide variety of free resources for teachers, researchers, students, and others. This page lists just a few items from SPN and its partner sites -- please help yourself to any that you'd like. For freeware and other free resources, see:

Social Psychology Network Job Forum   Psychology Job Alerts
Looking for a job in psychology? If so, you can have the SPN Job Forum alert you by email whenever someone posts a job matching your interests. Then, after you've landed your dream job, you can unsubscribe to cancel further alerts.More information

Psychology Links Search Box   Psychology Links Search Box
If you have a home page, course page, department page, or Psi Chi page, you can make it interactive in less than 5 minutes. With this search box, your site visitors will be able to search over 17,000 psychology-related links. More information

Social Psychology Network News Service   Psychology News Service
Get SPN's global news service delivered right to your computer, web browser, news reader, or blog! This free service displays the same links found in SPN's popular feature "Psychology Headlines from Around the World."More information

Social Psychology Network Headlines Search   Psychology Headlines Search Box
When added to a web page, this feature allows visitors to search the Network's international database of over 12,000 news stories. In addition, the search box will display up to 10 current headlines related to psychology.More information Teaching Materials   Teaching Materials on Prejudice
The Teacher's Corner offers dozens of free teaching ideas, materials, and resources, including more than 35 classroom activities and student assignments related to prejudice, diversity, and multiculturalism.  More information

Research Randomizer Box   Research Randomizer Box
If you add a Randomizer Box to your home page, laboratory page, or course page, your site visitors will be able to instantly generate, download, or print number sets suitable for random sampling and random assignment.  More information

Joe Chemo E-Cards   Joe Chemo E-Cards
Choose from three styles to send a personalized anti-smoking card to someone you care about. E-cards offer an easy way to let smokers know you're concerned and to invite them to visit Joe Chemo's "Tips on Quitting" page.More information

Psychology Updates on Twitter   Twitter Updates
If you have a Twitter account, you can follow the latest psychology news, jobs, online studies, and listserv messages posted on Social Psychology Network. Simply visit, login to your account, and click "Follow."  More information

Jigsaw Classroom Tips   Jigsaw Basics Download
This page explains how to implement the jigsaw classroom, a cooperative learning technique that reduces racial conflict in school settings. At the bottom of the page, teachers can download a free 40-page guide to "Jigsaw Basics."  More information

Joe Chemo Screensaver   Joe Chemo Screensaver
This computer screensaver cycles through three Joe Chemo images and is perfect for health professionals, anti-tobacco educators and activists, parents, and smokers looking for motivation to quit. Takes less than 60 seconds to install.More information

The Stanford Prison Experiment Documents   Stanford Prison Experiment Documents
From this page, you can download several documents and other materials used in the classic 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, including the Human Subjects Research Application, participant consent form, and rules given to the prisoners.More information

Animated Anti-Racism Image   Animated Anti-Racism Image
This image is simple to download and can be displayed on any web page, but it comes with a hitch: to get it, you're asked to complete a quiz on prejudice toward Native Americans. Be prepared -- some answers may surprise you.  More information

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