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    At SPN Software Central, you'll find links to software, free clip art collections, and more (the Star symbol indicates a resource used extensively by Social Psychology Network). You can even save money on software and hardware by using price comparison services and discount superstores.

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Images, Animation, and Video:

  Graphic Design Packages:
    All-Purpose Packages
    Software Specifically for Web Graphics
  Slides, Charts, and Presentations
  Clip Art and Image Collections:
    Public Domain Images and Videos
    Free Clip Art and Images
    Commercial Clip Art and Images
    Stock Photography Banks
  Animation Software
  Video Editing
Data Analysis:

  Statistical Packages
  Online Statistical Calculations
  Database Management and Data Entry

Miscellaneous Software:

  Psychology-Related Freeware and Shareware
  Freeware and Shareware Megasites
  Other Social Science Software

Saving Money:

  Price Comparison Services
  Discount Superstores
  Product Reviews

Images, Animation, and Video
Graphic Design Packages:

Slides, Charts, and Presentations:

Clip Art and Image Collections:

Animation Software:

Video Editing:

Data Analysis
Statistical Packages:

Online Statistical Calculations:


Database Management and Data Entry:

Miscellaneous Software
Psychology-Related Freeware and Shareware:

Freeware and Shareware Megasites:

Other Social Science Software:

Saving Money
Price Comparison Services:

Discount Superstores:

  • (Internet superstore)
  • (thousands of products from hundreds of merchants)
  • eBay (global marketplace selling millions of items each day)
  • (superstore for books, software, hardware, and more)
  • Tech Depot (offers educational discounts)

Product Reviews:

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