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Social Psychology Network offers an interactive directory of over 2,100 professionals who specialize in social or personality psychology. Profiles in this directory contain biographical and academic information, such as contact information, research interests, publications, and course links. Each profile is located at a web address with the following format:

Profiles can also be searched by name, research area, or geographic region.

If you're a social or personality psychology professional, you are welcome to apply for a profile. Once approved, you will be emailed a password and instructions for editing your profile. Through your profile, you can also designate yourself a "Media Contact" (willing to talk with reporters) and/or "SPN Mentor" (willing to help students from underrepresented groups), and you can add links to your publications, home page, courses, and other items.

Before applying, please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to questions such as:

  • What is a professional profile?
  • Why would I want a professional profile?
  • Who is eligible to request a profile?
  • How do I request a professional profile?
  • How long does it take to create a profile?

Please note: Profiles cannot be requested or created by email or postal mail -- they must be generated by providing information through our online form. Requests are normally processed within 72 hours of receipt.

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