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Ranking of U.S. Undergraduate Psychology Programs

    This page contains links to 30 U.S. undergraduate psychology programs rank-ordered in quality according to the Princeton Review's "Gourman Report of Undergraduate Programs" (10th edition).

For links to programs not on this page, you might also see the international list of Psychology Departments maintained by John Krantz.

Note to Students: The rankings below should be considered no more than a rough approximation. Many excellent programs did not make it into Gourman's top 30, and of those that did, the difference between closely ranked programs was often too small to be meaningful. For a critical perspective on the Gourman rankings, see Caveat Emptor: The Gourman Report.

Gourman Report Ranking
Rank School Department Score
1 Stanford University Psychology 4.66
2 Yale University Psychology 4.65
3 University of Pennsylvania Psychology 4.64
4 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor Psychology 4.63
5 University of Minnesota--Twin Cities Psychology 4.62
6 University of California--Berkeley Psychology 4.61
7 Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges Psychology 4.59
8 University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign Psychology 4.57
9 University of Chicago Psychology 4.56
10 Columbia University Psychology 4.55
11 University of California--San Diego Psychology 4.54
12 University of California--Los Angeles Psychology 4.52
13 Indiana University--Bloomington Psychology 4.51
14 University of Colorado--Boulder Psychology 4.49
15 Carnegie Mellon University Psychology 4.48
16 University of Wisconsin--Madison Psychology 4.47
17 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Brain and Cog Sci 4.46
18 Princeton University Psychology 4.45
19 University of Washington Psychology 4.44
20 University of Oregon Psychology 4.42
21 Cornell University Psychology 4.41
22 University of Texas--Austin Psychology 4.40
23 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill Psychology 4.39
24 Brown University Psychology 4.38
25 Northwestern University Psychology 4.37
26 Stony Brook University Psychology 4.36
27 Johns Hopkins University Psychology 4.35
28 Duke University Psy/Neuroscience 4.34
29 Pennsylvania State University--University Park Psychology 4.32
30 New York University Psychology 4.30

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