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Ranking of Counseling Psychology Programs

    This page contains links to 40 psychology departments rank-ordered in research productivity according to Delgado, E. A., & Howard, G. S. (1994). Changes in research productivity in counseling psychology: Revisting Howard (1983) a decade later. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 41, 69-73.

The Canadian Psychological Association Graduate Guide is a good source of information on graduate study in Canada, and John Krantz also maintains an extensive international list of Psychology Departments.

Note to Students: The rankings below should be considered no more than a rough approximation. You would be well advised to consult as many faculty members as possible for feedback on your top school choices before applying to graduate school. Admission to graduate school is competitive, so apply to as many schools as possible; have your friends, family, and academic advisors look over your application materials; and if you receive letters of rejection, don't lose your sense of humor!

Counseling Psychology Rankings
Rank School Department Productivity Index
1 University of Missouri--Columbia Psychology 8.455
2 University of Maryland--College Park Psychology 7.521
3 Ohio State University Psychology 5.232
4 University at Albany, SUNY Psychology 4.676
5 University of Iowa Psychology 4.270
6 University of North Texas Psychology 4.210
7 University of California--Santa Barbara Psychology 4.034
8 University of Minnesota--Twin Cities Psychology 3.830
9 Arizona State University Psychology 3.660
10 Virgina Commonwealth University Psychology 3.618
11 University of Notre Dame Psychology 3.244
12 University of Illinois--Urbana/Champaign Psychology 3.237
13 University of California--Irvine Psychology 3.196
14 Pennsylvania State University--Univ. Park Psychology 3.054
15 Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Psychology 2.987
16 University of Nebraska--Lincoln Psychology 2.881
17 University of Florida Psychology 2.716
18 University of Akron Psychology 2.677
19 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill Psychology 2.632
20 Colorado State University Psychology 2.623
21 Stanford University Psychology 2.561
22 University of British Columbia Psychology 2.514
23 University of California--Los Angeles Psychology 2.397
24 University of Kansas Psychology 2.365
25 University of Georgia Psychology 2.332
26 University of Texas--Austin Psychology 2.321
27 Kent State University Psychology 2.285
28 University of Washington Psychology 2.270
29 Iowa State University Psychology 2.255
30 Michigan State University Psychology 2.211
31 University of Oregon Psychology 1.937
32 Columbia University Psychology 1.904
33 University of Southern California Psychology 1.837
34 University of Denver Psychology 1.776
35 University of Tennessee--Knoxville Psychology 1.650
36 University of Wisconsin--Madison Psychology 1.506
37 Kansas State University Psychology 1.389
38 University of Western Ontario Psychology 1.335
39 University of Utah Psychology 1.287
40 Syracuse University Psychology 1.286

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