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 Stanford University Conference on the Environment
Posted by: Jon Krosnick
Title/Position: Professor
School/Organization: Stanford University
Sent to listserv of: SPSSI, SESP
Date posted: December 30th, 2023

Call for Proposals to Present a Paper or Attend

Conference on Studies of Human Thinking and Action
Related to the Environment and Sustainability
at Stanford University

February 22-23, 2024

Stanford University recently created the Doerr School of Sustainability, which is devoted to advancing knowledge critical to sustaining life on Earth, preparing students to lead, and catalyzing informed action to generate local, national, and global solutions.

The Doerr School recently formed a Department of Environmental Social Sciences, which currently includes faculty with expertise in psychology, sociology, communication, political science, economics, history, anthropology, education, business, the law, classics, health and medicine, archeology, and more. New faculty will be hired during the years to come.

With joint sponsorship from the Doerr School, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the Departments of Communication, Sociology, and Anthropology, and the Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford is pleased to be hosting a conference to bring together scholars from across campus and elsewhere who have done work illuminating human thinking and action related to the environment and sustainability.

The conference will be held on February 22-23, 2023, on the Stanford campus.

The conference will be a mix of presentations of completed research, in-process research, and plans for research, as well as discussions of the presentations.

Attendance will be capped at 75.

To propose to make a presentation at the conference (presentation lengths remain to be decided), please complete this form:

To apply to attend the conference without making a presentation and participate in discussions throughout the conference, please complete this form:

A small amount of funds may be available to help some attendees defray travel costs. If you would like some help with travel expenses, please note that in your application.

With questions, please email conference convener Jon Krosnick,

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