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 Free Will Beliefs and Outcomes Meta-Analysis Request
Posted by: Gilad Feldman
Title/Position: Assistant Professor
School/Organization: University of Hong Kong
Sent to listserv of: SESP
Date posted: November 25th, 2020

Dear Colleagues,‎

We are conducting a meta-analysis on outcomes associated with people’s beliefs in free will. We ‎would like to ask for your help with the meta-analysis process.‎

We would appreciate references to any other published data on the relationship between free will ‎beliefs and any outcomes, broadly defined, to make sure we included them in our meta-analysis. ‎We are looking at correlational associations, and we will not be including experimental studies ‎that aimed to manipulate free will beliefs.

More importantly, we are especially interested in any relevant unpublished manuscripts or ‎unpublished data that cannot be found through a regular literature search.

If you have unfinished or unpublished manuscripts, we would appreciate it if you could share your ‎data with us so that we could use it in our meta-analysis. These will be kept confidential and will ‎not be used for any other purpose other than inclusion in the meta-analysis.

The information we require for each of the studies/samples for inclusion is:‎

(‎1) Brief description of the study and procedures

(‎2) Correlation between measure of free will beliefs and each outcome assessed

(‎3) Sample size after exclusions

(‎4) Independent variable:
(‎4a) Brief description of the measures/scales used
‎(4b) Internal reliabilities if available/relevant

(‎5) Dependent variable: ‎
‎(5a) Brief description of the measures/scales used
‎(5b) Internal reliabilities if available/relevant

‎(6) Demographics and data collection details: ‎
‎(6a) Date of data collection
(‎6b) Country
(‎6c) Type of participants (students, online/MTurk/Prolific, general population, etc.)‎
‎(6d) Mean age (and SD if available)
‎(6e) Gender composition (counts if possible, percentages if not)

(‎7) APA-style reference to be used when citing this data or manuscript

If you only have raw data that has not yet been analysed, then we would be happy to help analyse ‎it for inclusion. In such a case, please send us the dataset and a description of the key variables ‎described above relevant for the analysis.‎

Please send all relevant information and/or data to us at this email ‎‎(Kevin)‎

If you are interested in more information, we are happy to answer any questions and keep you ‎posted on the project as we make progress and finalize the submission.

Additionally, you can follow updates and read further information on our project, posted on ‎ResearchGate:‎

Best regards,‎

Kevin Nanakdewa and Gilad Feldman
Nanyang Technological University / University of Hong Kong ‎

Attachment: Contacting-authors-correlational.docx

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