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 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford
Posted by: Jon Krosnick
Title/Position: Professor
School/Organization: Stanford University
Sent to listserv of: SESP, SPSSI
Date posted: February 10th, 2019

2020-2022 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

Working with the Political Psychology Research Group

The Political Psychology Research Group at Stanford University (directed by Prof. Jon Krosnick) is accepting applications for a full-time postdoctoral fellowship to conduct creative, multidisciplinary collaborative research exploring public opinion and behavioral issues related to sustainable energy and the environment.

Funding will be provided by the TomKat Center at Stanford. Annual salary will be $65,000, plus the institutional cost of employee benefits. The Fellow will be eligible to apply (after acceptance) for a one-time relocation allowance of up to $3,000 (income tax reportable).

Funding is guaranteed for the first year of a two-year award period. Funding for year two is pledged but is not guaranteed. To be eligible to receive a second year of funding, expected progress must be met, program requirements must be completed, and the faculty sponsor must confirm continued willingness to sponsor/mentor the Fellow for a second year.

Scholars interested in applying for this position should submit an application via email directly to Dr. Krosnick only ( before June 1, 2019. Dr. Krosnick will select one applicant to forward to the TomKat competition, and that person must submit another application directly to TomKat by July 15, 2019. Awards will be announced by October, 2019.

Applicants who have a PhD at the time of receiving the award should plan to start work at Stanford no later than April, 2020. For applicants who have not yet completed their PhD at the time the award is announced, arrival at Stanford to begin work should be no later than 6 months after being awarded a PhD. In unusual cases, exceptions to these requested schedules will be considered.

To apply, please submit:

• A Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• An essay describing research experiences, interests, and goals, as well as long-term career goals (up to 2 pages single spaced)

• A proposal for a possible research project to be conducted while at Stanford in a way that synchs with the activities of the Political Psychology Research Group. (1 page single spaced)

• Two letters of recommendation from scholars who are very familiar with applicant’s research skills and accomplishments.

To read about PPRG work related to the environment, one resource is:

Address questions to:

Jon A. Krosnick
Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor of Communication
Professor of Political Science
Professor of Psychology (by courtesy)
Director, Stanford Summer Institute in Political Psychology
Director, Stanford Political Psychology Research Group

Stanford University
434 McClatchy Hall
Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: 650-725-3031
Fax: 650-725-2472

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