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 Narcissism Meta-Analysis Data Request
Posted by: Sara Konrath
Title/Position: Associate Professor
School/Organization: Indiana University
Sent to listserv of: SESP, SPSSI
Date posted: August 30th, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to request any unpublished data you may have for a meta-analysis on changes over time in narcissism.

Our meta-analysis is specifically examining American college students’ scores on the 40-item forced-choice version of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Raskin & Hall, 1979; Raskin & Hall, 1981; Raskin & Terry, 1988). Participants should unselected groups of students, not those chosen for scoring high or low on the NPI or another measure, or singled out for being maladjusted, clients at a counseling center, in a coupled relationship, etc. If you have any eligible unpublished data from any year, please send it to me at:

Because we are under a tight deadline, please send the information from the template below by Fri Sept 14. Anything we receive on or before then can be cited in our meta-analysis. We have created a template below in order to make this easier for you. Please simply copy and paste this message, and fill in the information we request, if it is available.

In the case of multiple studies, please copy and paste the template below.

We sincerely thank you for your assistance.

Warm regards,
Sara Konrath, PhD
Associate Professor, Indiana University


*Author names:

*Year data collected:

*Is data available in a published paper? (Yes / No) If yes, please copy and paste citation, and we will ensure it is included in our meta-analysis.

*Location data collected:

*Type of study (e.g. correlational, experimental, etc): *If experimental, please mention whether the
NPI was administered before or after the random assignment.*

*Sample population (e.g. undergraduate students, community members, clinical patients):

*Total number of participants:

*Number of males:

*Average age of participants:

*Ethnic background of participants (e.g. % Caucasian, % African American, etc):

*Scale type used (e.g. forced choice):

*Did you use the 40 item version of the NPI? If so, was it exactly as published? Or did you make any modifications?

*Narcissism score (indicate MEAN or SUM)

*Narcissism standard deviation:

*NPI scale Cronbach’s alpha (reliability):


*Comments (e.g. any alterations to original scale?):

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