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 Meta-Analysis Data Request IMS/EMS Plant & Devine
Posted by: Jennifer LaCosse
Title/Position: Doctoral Candidate
School/Organization: Florida State University
Sent to listserv of: SESP, SPSSI
Date posted: October 5th, 2017

Esteemed Colleagues:

We are working on a meta-analysis that examines the relations between internal and external motivations to respond without prejudice (IMS/EMS) toward various outgroups and different types of outgroup attitudes and responses. We are examining these relations across all outgroups (e.g., Black people, White people, gay men and lesbians, people with disabilities, etc.). We are seeking correlations from unpublished studies, including papers that are in press or preparation, conference presentations (talks, posters), and theses and dissertations that measured IMS, EMS, and one or more of the following measures:

• Implicit Prejudice (e.g., any version of the IAT, Semantic Differentials, shoot don't shoot and weapons ID tasks, affective priming tasks, etc.)
• Explicit Prejudice (e.g., ATB, MRS, Ambivalent or Benevolent Sexism, Attitudes toward Gay Men and Lesbians, etc.)
• Interest in future contact with outgroup members
• Bias expectancies (i.e., believing that outgroup members will think you are prejudiced)
• Prejudice suppression/inhibition
• Self-monitoring
• Fear of negative evaluation
• Stereotype endorsement
• Colorblindness/Colorblind Racial Attitudes
• Avoidance of the outgroup or interactions with outgroup members
• Social dominance orientation
• Right wing authoritarianism
• Intergroup interaction anxiety
• Social desirability

To be included, studies must measure internal and external motivations to respond without prejudice using the original or adapted items from Dr. Plant and Dr. Devine’s 1998 measure AND measure one of the constructs listed above.

Studies can be both experimental and correlational; however, if the study was experimental and the manipulation significantly affected IMS, EMS, or one of the constructs above, it should NOT be included. It should also NOT be included if IMS or EMS moderated the effect of condition on one of the constructs above.

We are specifically interested in obtaining sample demographics, measurement details, and the correlations (r) between IMS, EMS, and each of the constructs listed above.

If you have relevant data that you would like to be included in the meta-analysis, please contact us by December 31, 2017, by emailing Jennifer LaCosse ( We would also be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. You may also fill out the attached document and return it.

Many thanks,

Jennifer LaCosse, M.S.
Stephanie Mallinas, M.S.
& Ashby Plant, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Attachment: Blank Document for Authors.docx

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