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 Ideas for Publication of Research
Posted by: Linda Gulyn
Title/Position: Professor of Psychology
School/Organization: Marymount University
Sent to listserv of: SPSSI
Date posted: December 5th, 2016


I completed a survey of people's perception of what causes Autism Spectrum Disorder. Based on a lit review of how parents' explain their child's autism, 15 items based on a variety of causal "explanations" were generated for which 600 (non-parent) respondents from a university community indicated their level of "agreement." Factor analysis revealed four "super" categories of explanations and various demographic characteristics predicted tendencies to attribute blame to these factors.

This research applies basic social psychology to a common (sometimes misunderstood) disability. If you have any ideas for a place to publish such a paper, please email me at

Thank you so much.

Linda McKenna Gulyn

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