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SPN hosts the most frequently visited job forum devoted to social and personality psychology. The SPN Job Forum averages over 400 page views daily and sends email job alerts to subscribers seeking a position (over 245,000 alerts to date). To support this nonprofit service, we ask advertisers to send a payment according to this sliding scale:

  • $50 for academic departments with fewer than 10 faculty
  • $75 for academic departments with 10-15 faculty
  • $100 for academic departments with more than 15 faculty
  • $50 for nonprofit organizations other than schools
  • $150 for commercial organizations and others

RSS Feed Once your announcement has been reviewed and approved, we will post it publicly and email you an invoice with payment information (do not send payment without enclosing the invoice you receive). At no extra charge, jobs advertised here are also publicized through an RSS feed and Twitter (with over 106,000 subscribers instantly alerted to jobs posted here).

Note: If your job opening does not relate directly to social or personality psychology, please refrain from submitting it (jobs that are strictly clinical or are otherwise inappropriate will be removed and create extra work for our staff).

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