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 Postdoctoral Fellow
Institution/Organization: The Australian National University
Job Location: Australia
Job Type: Postdoctoral
Contact Person: Michael Platow
Date Posted: November 30th, 1999
Web Site:

Join a research team of social and cognitive psychologists studying the psychology of partisan truth, fake news, misinformation and social influence. What is the psychology of ‘truth’? How do judgments of truth vary with group membership and intergroup relations? Is what ‘we’ think true and what ‘they’ think fake and prejudiced? Do labels such as misinformation and fake news help resolve differences?

Michael Platow, Eryn Newman, Kate Reynolds, and Russell Spears have a 3-year post-doc position on Social Identity and Partisan Truth based at the Australian National University. We welcome applications from candidates who have a background in the social psychology of group processes and intergroup relations and/or social cognition, who have an interest in contributing to teaching and research supervision, and who have experience using modern advanced statistical methods in psychology.

You can find out more about the position and how to apply at:

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact Michael Platow at

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