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 Research Coordinator
Institution/Organization: University of Virginia
Job Location: Virginia, U.S.A.
Contact Person: Kliff Vida
Date Posted: April 28th, 2022
Web Site:

The Department of Psychology is seeking an individual to serve as a Project Coordinator on a team that is working on an extended longitudinal study of adolescent family and peer relations as predictors of psychosocial development, physical health, and aging from ages 13 to 43, and in implementing a social belonging intervention for entering college students.

Responsibilities include:

• Supervision and training of undergraduate research assistants and part-time staff
• Organizing and leading research discussion meetings
• Tracking and corresponding with families
• Administering semi-structured interviews with families
• Handling the project budget
• Collection and management of adolescents' academic records, database management
• Data analyses
• Assisting with grant proposals
• Assist senior researchers by completing tasks that support research operations
• Help create and utilize data stores for research and analysis
• Understand data measurement and apply theories to practical information gathering
• Train in research techniques
• Learn technology and software capabilities, operations, limitations, and outcomes
• Conduct interviews and collect data according to procedures
• Support the analysis of research results and the summarizing of findings
• Support the preparation of reports and manuscripts
• Maintain research records. Schedule and book facilities
• May supervise students
• May purchase supplies and track expenditures
• Adhere to regulatory research guidelines in daily work.

In addition to the above job responsibilities, other duties may be assigned.

Individuals may also get involved in statistical analyses and presentation of data at conferences or write-up of papers for publication.

These full-time positions will remain open until filled.

This is a restricted position contingent on continued funding.

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