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 Research Associate
Institution/Organization: U. of Manchester - Manchester China Institute
Job Location: United Kingdom
Job Type: Postdoctoral
Contact Person: Peter Gries
Date Posted: April 8th, 2018
Closing Date: May 7th, 2018
Web Site:

This research associate will be based in the Lee Kai Hung Postdoctoral College at the Manchester China Institute (MCI) of the University of Manchester ( The Lee Kai Hung Post/doctoral College at MCI will nurture early career researchers studying China and globalisation. It will be multidisciplinary, but with a focus on theories and methods from applied social and political psychology.

You will work independently but also within a research lab on China and globalisation under the supervision of Prof Peter Gries. You will be involved in managing the delivery of a research project entitled “the political psychology of China and globalisation” led by Prof Gries. You will engage in research and writing, including reviewing academic and policy literature, survey and experimental design and implementation, and manuscript preparation and submission. The role will require liaison and collaboration with academic colleagues and will also involve building relationships with other organisations and networks around the world. Your work will be carried out in a timely fashion and knowledge from the research will be disseminated and used effectively.

This is a one-year fixed term post with the possibility of renewal pending funding availability. Key Responsibilities, Accountabilities or Duties:

 Design and implement the survey and experimental research on the social/political
psychology of China and globalisation
 Write up research findings for publication in leading academic journals
 Deliver the project in a timely and organized fashion
 Present at national and international conferences
 Engage with external stakeholders and partners as appropriate
 Contribute to writing bids for research grants
 Support the research and outreach activities of the MCI as appropriate

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
 A PhD or equivalent (completed or near to completion) in psychology or politics
 Evidence of individual contribution to research
 Demonstrable ability to publish in leading academic journals
 Strong quantitative skills, including regression, ANCOVA, mediation, and moderation,
and advanced familiarity with at least one software for statistical analysis such as SPSS
 Good interpersonal skills, including an ability to understand and communicate difficult
ideas to non-academics and academics with other disciplinary backgrounds

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Qualifications:
 Evidence of publication in leading journals
 Fluency in Mandarin Chinese
 Knowledge of China and globalisation


Manchester has more academics engaged in China-related research than almost any other UK university – working on everything from the arts and humanities to health and science. MCI seeks to bring these experts together, enabling multidisciplinary collaborations spanning the many disciplines where the University of Manchester leads the world. MCI’s 178 Waterloo Place offices lie at the heart of the University, providing a central space where ideas and projects can be shared and developed.

With growing links between Manchester and China, and the global significance of Chinese policies such as the ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy, MCI’s research themes include China and Globalisation, UK-China and Europe-China relations, US-China relations, Hong Kong-TaiwanMacau, and China’s relations with East, Southeast, and South Asia, as well as Africa and South America. However, MCI intends to support researchers with an interest in China across the entire University.

The Lee Kai Hung Post/doctoral College at MCI will nurture early career researchers studying China and globalisation. It will be multidisciplinary, but with a focus on theories and methods from applied social and political psychology.

A political psychologist of international affairs, MCI Director Prof Peter Gries’ work explores the psychological underpinnings of Chinese and American foreign policy, such as the causes and consequences of mis/trust and mis/perception in US-China relations. He is particularly interested in the ideological drivers of conflict. For instance, in his first book, China’s New Nationalism, he explored how China’s anti-imperialist nationalism shapes Chinese views of the United States and Japan. And his most recent book, The Politics of American Foreign Policy, examines how Liberalism both unites and divides Americans in their views of China. The goal of such research is to better understand and ameliorate the psychological drivers of war.

Mutual understanding is also at the core of a fruitful economic and trading relationship between China and the world. Dr Simone Corsi’s research looks at China’s emerging role as a global innovation hub and how the UK and Chinese organisations can collaborate for the development of new products and services.

MCI promotes research with an impact. Scholarships and grants will foster student and staff study of China. A lunch talk series will provide an ongoing forum for University of Manchester students and staff to learn about each other’s work on China, as well as to learn from the work of visiting scholars and practitioners. MCI will host a working paper series to help move ideas to publication in peer-reviewed journals. It will also use its website and social media channels to publicize the China-related publications of Manchester students and staff.

Beyond academic research, MCI will promote mutual understanding through signature programmes such as the UK-China Diplomatic Dialogue, a forum for British and Chinese diplomats, and a UK-China Photo Essay Award for ordinary British and Chinese residents. MCI is also developing strong collaborative relationships with the local Chinese and business communities in Manchester, and government organisations in Manchester, London, Beijing, and beyond.

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