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 Lab Manager
Institution/Organization: Boston College
Job Location: Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Contact Person: Emily Wasserman
Date Posted: November 16th, 2016
Closing Date: December 16th, 2016
Web Site:

The Morality Lab at Boston College is seeking a full-time lab manager. The target start date is between Spring and Summer 2017, with a two-year commitment.

Boston College is a research university with a strong and growing psychology department, located in an academic hub city with many opportunities for cross-lab collaboration. Members of the lab research diverse topics related to social and moral cognition (e.g., theory of mind for competition versus cooperation, prediction error in social and non-social contexts, the role of perspective-taking in meta-ethical beliefs, perception of social categories, distinct moral values), using behavioral methods, fMRI, and TMS, in both typical and atypical populations, adults and children. Learn more about the lab by visiting our lab website ( or by contacting the PI (

Responsibilities include handling administrative duties for the lab (e.g., managing finances, purchasing equipment, obtaining human subjects approval, recruiting and scheduling subjects), supporting the research of graduate students and postdocs (e.g., mentoring research assistants, maintaining lab software, assisting in data collection and analysis), and conducting original research. All former lab managers have had the opportunity to design, conduct, publish, and present research. This position is ideal for individuals interested in applying to graduate school.

Candidates should expect to receive their B.A./B.S. in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science, or a related field by May 2017. Candidates should be independent workers who are able to learn new skills on their own, with strong organizational skills and a track record of working well with others in professional or extracurricular settings. The ideal candidate will have previous research experience and strong quantitative skills, including knowledge of statistics and experimental design. Candidates should either have prior experience with computer programming or demonstrate a strong commitment to learning how to code.

To apply, please email Emily Wasserman ( with a CV/resume and statement explaining current and future research interests as well as specific interests in joining the Morality Lab. Please also provide contact information for two references and include “Morality Lab Manager Application” in the subject line of any correspondence.

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