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Statement from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology

Social Psychology Network:
The "Must Visit" Internet Site for Social Psychology

Society of Experimental Social Psychology Social Psychology Network is the "must visit" Internet site for social psychology. SPN contains extensive resources for students and the scientific community alike, with thousands of searchable links on psychological experimentation, research ethics, scientific and statistical software, funding sources, web-based reference tools, research tutorials, and related topics. In addition, the Network contains links to more than 100 online studies collecting psychological data, including studies by researchers in the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, and Australia.

Worldwide, and its partner sites are among the most heavily used web sites devoted to experimental psychology. In fact, the top result of a Google search for the word "experiment" -- out of nearly 50 million results that include physics, chemistry, biomedicine, and other sciences -- is currently the SPN partner site on the Stanford Prison Experiment ( Similarly, another SPN partner site, Research Randomizer (, is the top result in Google searches for "random sampling" and "random assignment," and its online tool has been used to generate random number sets more than two million times.

As a partner in the Network, the Society of Experimental Social Psychology benefits from its integration with SPN. For example, visitors are able to directly search the SPN database, all links on are kept up to date using the SPN link-checking system, and Society members are able to distribute announcements through the listservs of SPSP and SPSSI as well as SESP. Most Society members also maintain a link on to their SPN Profile, which provides publicly accessible information about their scholarly record and research.

For all these reasons, the Society of Experimental Social Psychology enthusiastically endorses SPN and encourages its members to join and help support this critically important venture.

--Society of Experimental Social Psychology
  (July 26, 2005)

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