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Social Psychology Network:
Promoting Relationship Science

International Association for Relationship Research The International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) is an interdisciplinary organization that advances the scientific study of personal and social relationships and encourages collaboration among students, new scholars, and experienced scholars. We value research, teaching, outreach, and the application of relationship science to pressing problems in society.

IARR enthusiastically endorses Social Psychology Network as a leading source of information on relationship science, and we applaud its focus on using psychology for the betterment of society. Whether site visitors seek news articles on topics of interest, textbooks on relationships, action teaching ideas and activities, scholarly journals that publish relationship research, student resources, or other relationship-relevant links, SPN has resources for everyone.

Indeed, Social Psychology Network's interactive portal featuring more than 2,000 expert profiles—including more than 350 experts who specialize in research on close relationships—make SPN a premier site for locating possible collaborators. In addition, SPN's Online Social Psychology Studies page, with links to more than 180 web-based opportunities for the public to participate in studies of various kinds, has served as the primary inspiration and model for IARR's research portal.

We strongly encourage all IARR members with interests in psychology to join Social Psychology Network, and we invite all members, regardless of discipline, to explore its resources and consider using them in their research, teaching, and applications of relationship science.

--International Association for Relationship Research
  (December 16, 2020)

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