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Statement from the European Association of Social Psychology

Social Psychology Network:
Connecting Social Psychologists Across the World

The Executive Committee of the European Association of Social Psychology, on behalf of the Association, would like to express support for Social Psychology Network (SPN) and its fundraising initiatives. We fully recognize the value of SPN as a network connecting social psychologists across the world, both individually and through various professional national and international associations like our own.

European Association of Social Psychology We also recognize that maintenance of such a network is not cost-free and have made an institutional donation to support SPN in its important and valued services to the field of social psychology. Many social psychologists in Europe make active use of the resources offered by SPN, and we recommend to our members who feel they benefit from SPN to consider contributing individually in addition to our institutional donation.

We wish Social Psychology Network all the best in its fundraising and hope that it is successful in maintaining this important resource for our discipline.

--European Association of Social Psychology
  (August 8, 2005)

[Note: In 2009, EAESP changed its name to the European Association of Social Psychology.]

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