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Statement from the Association for Research in Personality

Social Psychology Network:
A Fantastic Resource for Those Interested in Personality Psychology

Association for Research in Personality The Association for Research in Personality is proud to endorse Social Psychology Network. Since its founding in 1996, SPN has provided the most straightforward way to access personality and social psychology on the web. SPN's working definition of what counts as "social psychology" is broadly inclusive, and the Network serves as a fantastic resource for those interested in personality psychology as well as a number of other topics.

For example, SPN's database of experts includes more than 500 scholars who identify themselves as specializing in research on personality and individual differences, and an SPN search using the keyword "personality" shows thousands of links to people, organizations, and publications related to personality psychology. The Network also contains pages specifically dedicated to personality psychology, such as:

Students who need material for a paper or project can use SPN to quickly locate information about personality questionnaires, important historical figures, and key research topics. In addition, students interested in advanced study can use SPN's search engine and interactive maps to find graduate program information. And teachers of personality psychology will discover a rich array of instructional materials, including everything from PowerPoint slides to ideas for activity-based learning exercises.

In sum, Social Psychology Network is a unique and powerful resource for students, teachers, researchers interested in personality psychology. We enthusiastically endorse the Network and invite our members to join, support, and enjoy it.

--Association for Research in Personality
  (October 23, 2014)

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