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Social Psychology Network:
A Powerful Resource for Unifying Psychology

Society for General Psychology When the American Psychological Association began forming divisions back in 1945, several leading psychologists called for a unifying general psychology division to be the first one. Thus was born APA Division 1, the Society for General Psychology, whose mission is to cross subdisciplinary boundaries and bridge schisms arising from differences in specialization, geography, demographics, theoretical orientations, and methods.

What resource today unifies psychology more powerfully than Social Psychology Network? Despite its name and original focus, the Network now goes far beyond social psychology, spanning the breadth of psychology and offering information on clinical and community psychology, developmental psychology, cultural psychology, applied psychology, cognitive science, and more. It even includes 500 web links in neuroscience and psychophysiology.

Since 1996, SPN has served countless psychologists and students from all areas of psychology. Its pages are viewed tens of thousands of times each day, and its brilliant structure gives us easy access to information available nowhere else, such as biographies of 1,200 psychology professionals in 36 nations, a searchable archive of nearly 2,000 psychology news articles, links to more than 4,000 other publications, and a rich variety of interactive forums and tools, databases, and additional material related to the social and behavioral sciences.

Indeed, some of us cannot picture psychology without SPN—a unique and vitally important Internet resource for the field. We therefore call upon our members, APA, and other organizations to support the Network generously so that it can continue unifying psychology for the benefit of all.

--Society for General Psychology
  (September 10, 2006)

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