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SPN Awards and Recognition

Since its founding in 1996, Social Psychology Network has received several endorsements from leading professional societies. It has also received a number of web-related honors and awards, all of which are greatly appreciated.

A Personal Note of Thanks
This site would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. Special thanks go to David Jensenius for serving so skillfully as SPN Director of Technology, Steve Farthing for his impressive Web 2.0 programming expertise, Jennifer Spiller for her acumen as senior editor, Mike Lestik for superb web design and programming, Vasilios Hoffman for outstanding work as System Administrator, Pat Leone for customizing the first Social Psychology Network search engine, Geoff Urbaniak for developing the idea and JavaScript code for Research Randomizer, and Ganesan Ravishanker and Mike Roy for advice and technical support.

I also owe a great debt to student interns who have contributed their time and talent over the years, including Tara Abaring, Beau Anderson, Shelby Arnold, Joel Bartlett, Kinshasa Bennett, Srotoshini Bhalobasha, Jordyn Bonds, Rebecca Brigham, Nina Chen, Deborah Cho, Ben Cochran, Sivan Cotel, Tess Crain, Janelle De Rivera, Andrea DePetris, Deanne Dworski-Riggs, Phelele Fakudze, Ming Chew Fan, Jennifer Fields, Emily Gupta, Samuel Hecht, Siddhant Issar, Mark Jacobsen, Rachel Jacobson, Tara Kahn, Dae Wook (Daniel) Kim, Ginah Kim, Jonathan Leland, Aurora Lenz-Watson, Chevan Lindsay, Rhiannon Luyster, Jessica Necheles, Laura Nuzzi, Katie O'Brien, Andrew Postman, Hong Qu, Jenny Ryan, Michelle Salisbury, Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Sabelo Sibanyoni, Tawni Stoop, Barbara Stuart, Tawni Stoop, Matthew Tannenbaum, Ema Tanovic, Rachel Torrance, Randy Vesprey, Brianna Wadler, Monika Wiesak, Rebecca Weisgrau, Max Wu, Curtis Yee, Andrew Zeldis, and Adam Zeller.

Finally, I wish to thank Allison Plous, Jim Plous, Lois Zur, Diane Ersepke, Wendy Rivilis, and Ruth Striegel-Moore for their support, encouragement, and feedback throughout the development of Social Psychology Network.

        --Scott Plous, SPN Executive Director

Lycos Top 5% Award

Discovery Channel Valued Internet Resource Best of the Net

Schoolzone Five-Star Award

PsychNet-UK Recommended Site

Psychology on the Internet, 1997-1998 MHN 3-Star Award Macmillan WWW Yellow Pages

Featured in LookSmart PsychSite of the Week Argus Clearinghouse Approved

Size Wise Excellence Award APA Monitor Website of the Month Links2Go Key Resource Award

Medinex Seal of Approval Human Resources Recommended Site Friend of The Psych Student's Best Friend

RealSci Classification Index Psychwatch Top Ten Award Healthlinks Select Site

Quick Guide to the Internet Web Feet Seal of Approval Netscape Open Directory Cool Site

Current Web Contents Psychological Science Award StudySphere Award of Excellence

Psi Cafe Top 25 Site SciNet 5-Star Site Award Infography Award of Excellence

Psychological Science Award  

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