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 Meta-Analysis: Imagined Intergroup Contact
Posted by: Richard Crisp
Title/Position: Professor of Psychology
School/Organization: Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield
Sent to listserv of: SPSP, SESP, SPSSI
Date posted: February 12th, 2013

Call for Unpublished Studies on Imagined Intergroup Contact
(apologies for cross-posting)

Dear Colleagues,

We are in the process of conducting a meta-analysis of imagined intergroup contact effects and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has relevant data they would be willing to share with us. For this purpose, we define imagined contact as "the mental simulation of a social interaction with a member or members of an outgroup category” (Crisp & Turner, 2009, p. 234*). We are interested in any study which:

- Includes an experimental manipulation of imagined or simulated contact that broadly fits this definition
- Includes at least one measure indicative of outgroup evaluation; affective, attitudinal and behavioral DVs are all eligible (e.g., intentions to engage in future contact, attitudes towards the outgroup, behavior towards outgroup members, or measures of emotion).

If you have any unpublished data (including dissertations, conference proceedings, book chapters, work in progress, submitted or in press manuscripts) that you would be willing to share with us, please contact

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Kind regards,

Eleanor Miles & Richard Crisp
University of Sheffield, UK

*Crisp, R. J., & Turner, R. N. (2009). Can imagined interactions produce positive perceptions? Reducing prejudice through simulated social contact. American Psychologist, 64, 231-240.

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