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Behavioral and social scientists with a Ph.D. related to social psychology can use the form below to send a message to the listservs of these professional associations:

These listservs are "moderated," which means that all messages are reviewed by a listserv manager, and inappropriate messages are deleted rather than passed along to subscribers. In addition, the following messages cannot be sent through SPN:

  • Those submitted by students (see below)
  • Requests for career information or advice
  • Requests for psychological counseling or advice
  • Commercial advertisements or solicitations
  • Requests for people to participate in a study
  • More than one reminder about an earlier notice
  • Requests for information readily found in libraries

Please respect these rules (ineligible messages will simply be deleted and create extra work for our staff). Students who wish to submit messages must directly contact the society in question, not SPN, or may post their message in the SPN Student Forum.

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