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 Lab Manager Position at NYU
Posted by: Jay Van Bavel
Title/Position: Assistant Professor
School/Organization: New York University
Sent to listserv of: SPSP, SPSSI
Date posted: February 22nd, 2012

Lab Manager Position
Department of Psychology
New York University

Professors David Amodio and Jay Van Bavel are currently seeking a full-time Lab Manager to begin in August or September 2012, for a two-year commitment. The lab manager will work half-time in David Amodio’s Social Neuroscience Lab and half-time in Jay Van Bavel’s Social Perception and Evaluation Lab, located adjacently in the NYU Psychology Building.

The Lab Manager will work closely with Drs. Amodio and Van Bavel, and their respective lab groups, to coordinate and conduct research studies related to human social cognition using a combination of behavior and neuroscience methods (e.g., EEG, fMRI, peripheral psychophysiology). The Lab Manager will also manage laboratory activities, such as planning research events and meetings, maintaining laboratory computers and equipment, maintaining lab websites, interviewing and supervising research assistants, managing grants, preparing stimuli, programming experimental tasks, processing and analyzing data, reviewing literature, and editing manuscripts. The Lab Manager will also have the opportunity to participate in the broader intellectual community in the New York University Department of Psychology.

This position is open to candidates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, or a related discipline. Previous experience conducting research in social psychology or cognitive neuroscience is highly desired. Experience with fMRI and/or EEG methods and data analysis and with computer programming (e.g. MATLAB) is preferred but not required, and will otherwise be learned on the job. Above all, we seek a candidate who is self-motivated, highly organized, and a good team player and who, ideally, seeks to eventually pursue a career in psychological science. The ideal candidate will also make creative contributions to the research program and, as such, have opportunities to co-author manuscripts resulting from the research. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.

We will review applications until the position is filled. However, for full consideration, we encourage applicants to submit materials by April 15th. Applicants should submit a brief resume and a 1-page cover letter describing their qualifications for the position, relevant experience, and research interests, along with the names of 2-3 references that may be contacted for a recommendation. Please address applications to both David Amodio ( and Jay Van Bavel ( via email. For more information about our research labs, please visit our respective web sites:

Attachment: 2012.02.22 NYU Lab Manager ad.pdf

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