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 PhD Position (3-year grant)
Institution/Organization: University of Nice
Job Location: France
Contact Person: Rémi Radel
Date Posted: April 3rd, 2012
Closing Date: June 10th, 2012
Web Site:

Project Title: Impaired Self-Regulation during Exercise (one Phd position available)

The LAMHESS lab at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis is looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate to conduct research joining experimental social psychology, neurocognition, and physiology.

Recent neurocognitive models have proposed that exercise could lead to a deterioration of executive functioning. In other words, automatic processing could take over from conscious control during exercise, which could impair the ability to self-regulate and inhibit impulses. Although it is known that the behaviors of individuals often deviate during sport from normal resting state, the mechanisms in the brain that mediate these effects on behavior are still little understood. The aim of this project is to examine to what extent the impaired self-regulation capacity associated with physical activity can bias people’s behaviors. The candidate will manipulate the nature and the level of exercise according to physiological parameters (e.g., cardiac and respiratory measures) and he/she will assess changes in behavior while monitoring brain activity (e.g., NIRS, EEG).

The applicant should have a Master degree in Psychology, Neurosciences, Sport Sciences or equivalent domains and a strong interest in bridging these different fields of expertise. Experience in brain activity measurements, computer programming (e.g., E-prime) are welcome but not mandatory. English proficiency and statistical skills are highly desired. Capacity to work in an interdisciplinary team is required.

The monthly salary for the PhD research fellow is set at 1684 EUR (before tax) or 2014 EUR (before tax) in case of participation to the teaching assistant program (64h/year). The contract is established for a 3 years duration.

First, an initial selection will be done on the basis of the documents submitted. In a second stage, candidates will be invited to come for an interview. If interested, please submit your CV and a cover letter by the June 10th 2012 to remi.radel at gmail dot com.

Information about the PhD program and enrolment in the doctoral school can be found at or by contacting the officer: Ms. Mireille Meozzi, mireille.meozzi at univmed dot fr.

More information about the research project can be obtained by contacting the research coordinator, Rémi Radel, remi.radel at gmail dot com or +33 4 89 83 66 15.

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