Here are 483 retirement messages from some of your colleagues:

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Dear Phil,

Wishing you all the best as you now turn your limitless energies to ... retirement? I don't think so! See you around the department!

Jeff Wine
Stanford University
United States

On behalf of all of the members of Division 13, the Society of Consulting Psychology, thank you for your many contributions and service to the profession, and best wishes for a happy and fulfilling retirement!

Paul Winum
Society of Consulting Psychology (APA Division 13)
United States

Retirement. For some, a time to rest and travel the world. For Phil Zimbardo, a time to open new doors for new adventures for himself, his students, colleagues, and friends.

Phil, you are truly a remarkable man--caring, inquisitive and a spark for others. Everything you do, you do well, with grace, humor, and passion. When I think of my time at Stanford, I think of the time I spent with you -- chatting in your office regarding life and psychology, developing classroom ideas, reviewing new, innovative ways to stimulate students to think and explore in different ways. Your impact has been professional but also deeply personal. Your caring for others is evident in everything you do, from researching and teaching about the concept of evil to trying to influence inhumane and ineffective prisons. Not only are you brilliant and passionate, but what has made the most impact on me is your compassion and ability to touch others in significant ways. I was truly blessed to have you as a mentor. Thanks Phil.

Valerie Wolfe
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

I have already told you that you are my hero. I did Psych as a mature age student and am now a School Counsellor also teaching Psychology. It was your original video series that inspired me, and now I am so proud to tell others of your work. Thank you for your contribution, not just as a theorist but as a personable human being.

Enjoy your retirement, good and faithful servant of the profession.

Merrill Wong
SCECGS Redlands

My AP Psych students love seeing your smiling face on your videotapes. How much fun you must have had over your life of teaching. If you are ever in Atlanta, stop by Pius. I usually pay my guest speakers back in food. I make a great cherry pie. Thanks for all you have done for the profession.

Kathi Woods
St. Pius X High School
United States

Congratulations, Dr. Phil, on your retirement. I was pleased and saddened at the same time to hear of your impending departure from your full-time duties. I had planned on getting the chance to meet you somewhere during my career in I/O psychology. I will settle for using your research and anecdotes as I teach my classes in the future. Your work has been an inspiration to me since I was an undergrad in Intro some ten years ago.

Today, I am teaching psychology and enjoying the fact that I will soon join the ranks of individuals such as yourself and hope to provide some pivotal research or theories myself. Perhaps you would be willing to share some instruction tips sometimes. Take care and enjoy the second half of your life.

Patricia Woods
Capella University
United States

Best of luck, and thanks for all you have done for our field and our discipline.

Stephen Wright
University of California, Santa Cruz
United States

You are a mainstay in our profession, from a constant source of critical thinking in my social psychology classes to an advocate for women's issues with Div. 35. I hope your retirement only serves to give you more time to continue doing what you do so well -- promote the field.

With warmest wishes and deep respect,

Jan Yoder
University of Akron
United States


Warmest wishes as you begin a new chapter in your life. Thanks much for your leadership and insight. Now, don't beleive retirement is going to take you "off the hook" when it comes to additional contributions to psychology! :)

John Yost
John Carroll University
United States

Thank you for so much great work over the years. Both your intro text and the Discovering Psychology series were essential in my successful teaching of intro psych. Finally, I would like to personally thank you for being so kind to the students I took to WPA. You were always receptive to photos with students, and in many cases it was all they talked about upon their return to Southern Oregon University. Thank you.

Todd Zakrajsek
Central Michigan University
United States

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