Here are 113 retirement messages sent by students:

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The Stanford Prison Experiment is one of the greatest psychology experiments ever conducted. The field of Social Psychology hasn't been the same since.

Congratulations on a monumental career. Best wishes.

Rick Rey
Wayne State University
United States

Dear Dr. Z,

You have brought psychology to life for innumerable students. Thank you for your profound contributions, and enjoy the next chapter!

Cara Rice
Stanford University
United States

Hi Dr. Zimbardo,

You have been an inspiration! I have changed my major from biology to psychology. I was introduced to your prison experiment in my first psychology class. I hope retirement doesn't keep you totally out of the lime-light.

Becky Roth
DePaul University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Greetings all the way from Singapore!

As a first-year student taking an Introductory Psychology class, I remember my first impressions of psychology came from a textbook written by you. The textbook was very interesting and definitely piqued my interest in psychology. Now a third-year psychology major, I aspire to become a psychologist like yourself -- influential and an active contributor to the field.

Thank you for all your contributions to the psychology community! Here's wishing you all the best for your future endeavours!

Jun Lin Sai
National University of Singapore

Dr. Zimbardo,

Your contributions to the field of psychology helped ignite my interest in the fieled as well as inspire me to continue in this area of science.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Tara Sears
Humboldt State University
United States

Happy retirement, Dr. Zimbardo!

Alison Shawber
University of Oregon
United States

I read your fascinating Psychology textbook (Allyn and Bacon, 2000) in my first year as a Pychology student. It sure got me hooked to this field!

Hope others in your life has enriched you as much as your have enriched the people around you.

May God bless you and your family =)

Pee Shio Li
National University of Singapore

Dearest Phil,

Over the past seven years, you have been a source of continual motivation to be the best teacher and researcher that I can be. Because of you, I go into every class that I teach thinking, “How can I turn these students on to psychology”? I also regularly think to myself “How is my research important and, moreover, what will it tell us about us as humans”? On a purely academic level, you have inspired me to make psychology come alive and to conduct research that is relevant, important, and interesting.

On a more personal level, I must thank you for your ongoing friendship, mentorship, and support. On many occasions you have gone out of your way to be my personal advocate, and for that I will be forever grateful. I do not believe I could ask for a better friend, both within and outside of the field of psychology.

Although words are nice, please know that I plan to thank you on an ongoing basis by celebrating psychology, by teaching with all my heart, by conducting important research, and by supporting my students with the same unconditional dedication with which you have supported me. This, Phil, will be my way of continually celebrating your career and our friendship.

Thank you, Phil, for the many psychology lessons, for your strength and energy, and for your friendship. I will forever cherish our relationship.

With love,

George Slavich
University of Oregon
United States

Congratulations on many great years of achievement! You have been very inspirational through your history of ambition and your most recent columns in the Monitor that inspire the younger generation to continue doing great things with research.

Thanks and best of luck!

Asha Smith
Stanford University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I am currently a student at Mepham High School. This year I am taking Advanced Placement Psychology. It happens to be my favorite class of the day thanks to my wonderful teacher, Ms. Maitland, whom you have worked with on several occasions.

I really enjoy watching your informative movies. I think they really help me to understand the basis of psychology. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement.


Jessica Spiegel
Mepham High School
United States

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