Here are 113 retirement messages sent by students:

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Dear Professor Zimbardo,

Enjoy your retirement -- you've earned it! Take a step back and look at what your energy and focus has done for the world.

Wes Pederson
Wesleyan University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo,

A few years back I e-mailed you with a request for inormation on your Time Perspective Inventory (before it had been published in JPSP). As a masters student it was sort of an intimidating experience for me to go requesting materials from such a well-respected individual. When I received so much more than I had hoped from you, I was excited and felt like I belonged as a future contributor to social psychology. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me professionally and all that you have done for social psychology. Thank you again.

John Petrocelli
Indiana University
United States

Thank you for all the amazing insights about human nature!

Claudia Peus
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich

Congratulations on your retirement. You've had a distinguished career, and may your retirement be productive and relaxing and everything you hope for.


Samantha Pickard
Wesleyan University
United States

Thanks so much for your contributions to social psychology! Watching your videos in my psychology class has been beneficial to me when learning various concepts dealing with social psychology.

Best wishes in the future!

Katie Pressly
Myers Park High School
United States


In the darkest moments of being a graduate student, we often wonder if what we do matters. For me, I wonder if I wouldn't be of more service working in a housing project or community center helping children every day. And then I meet someone from Germany or China who saw your videos...or meet a high school student who came to Stanford because they were inspired to make the world a better place after hearing you talk...and then I realize how much psychology can bring to my life and to the lives of others...that this is what being a professor can mean.

If this is the only lesson I learned as a graduate student, then the Stanford Psychology department in general, and you in particular, have done your job.

My deepest thanks and well wishes to you,

Valerie Purdie
Stanford University / Yale University
United States

Hello, Dr. Zimbardo!!!

I'm a pyschology undergraduate in National University of Singapore. I heard about your retirement through my lecturer Elizabeth Nair and would like to wish you the best in your future endeavours.

Thank you for contributing so much to the psychology field. Indeed, I had heard so many of your accomplishments and especially your Zimbardo Prison research. Your retirement is going to be a great loss to us. Anyway, all the best!! Good years to you ahead.. =)

Zhou Qi
National University of Singapore

Dear Mr. Zimbardo,

I am a student in Pakistan, and have come across a lot of your work online. I can't help but be impressed by the insight and practicality of your experiments. I was literally 'gripped' when I saw an online slideshow of your Stanford Prison Experiment. The world of Social Psychology is going to miss you!

Nayyara Rahman


It has been a great pleasure to have been on the receiving end of your insightful comments and wit. I hope we will continue to see much of you here at the department.

Becky Ray
Stanford University
United States

Hello, Dr. Zimbardo,

I heard you would retire very soon. Wish you entertain your life after retirement!

Fang Ren
United States

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