Here are 113 retirement messages sent by students:

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I keep your APA Monitor "...message for America" article on my desk as a reminder of why I chose to become a social psychologist (and I give it to my friends, when they're feeling defeated). Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy Cuddy
Princeton University
United States

Thanks for all your precious and famous contributions to the field

All the best to you!!

Marie Depuiset
University of Grenoble

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Congratulations on a distinguished career. I grealy enjoyed the film on your Stanford Prison Experiment. It is disturbing and fascinating. You have helped me to challenge the strength of my beliefs and their connection with my behavior.

Enjoy yourself, play some golf, and never lose your sense of style.

Bob Diehl
Wesleyan University
United States

Your work is nowhere "shy" of awesome!

Yurock Dock
American University
United States

I first met you via video through your discovering psychology series in my AP psychology class in high school. Psychology came alive for me, and you were part of that wonderful experience. I learned more about your research as an undergraduate and then as a graduate student. I have also been privileged enough to meet you at the WPA and APA conferences in 2002. You are a gracious and caring man who truly values students, both his and those of others. Thank you for your gift of yourself to so many psychologists.

Mindy Erchull
Arizona State University
United States

I have long admired your work and your numerous contributions to social psychology. I'll never forget sitting next to you at WPA in 2000 and listening to the panel play psychological Jeopardy in which your name was the answer to several questions! I think you have had a very positive influence in the field and that many newcomers, such as myself, have an excellent role-model in you. I hope retirement is all that you desire it to be, but know that you will be missed by those of us who have always looked up to you!

Heidi Eyre
University of Kentucky
United States

The real Dr. Phil. So get this, when I was in high school, I was all about psychology, and Dr. Phil was my idol. Why you gotta retire? Nice beard.

Patrick Farmer
Tulane University
United States

Dear Mr. Zimbardo,

I would just like to say congratulations on your retirement and best wishes in your future. I'm sure you have touched a lot of lives throughout the years, but now it is time for you to relax and enjoy your retirement. Best wishes!

Dianna Gilbert
Morehead State University
United States

Hey Dr. Z, the Stanford Prison Experiment was awesome! And congratulations on marrying that graduate student ;-) I saw you guys on 60 minutes; it was cute. I have enjoyed learning about your research very much, thank you.

Jon Golbe
Wesleyan University

The Discovering Psychology series is partly responsible for my fascination with, and decision to pursue a career in, psychology. Thank you.

Congratulations on a marvelous career. Happy retirement!!

Kathryn Gray
University of Florida
United States

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