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Thank you for contributing to the knowledge of psychology.

Been reading your book during my first year in school, and seen films by you. Also I would not forget the famous study of the prison. Gain an insight into psychology. Thanks so much. =)

Huang Yuhui
National University of Singapore

Your research was some of the first I became familiar with. It helped me choose a major and a career!

John Zimny
United States

First, I would like to congratulate Dr. Zimbardo on his contributions to psychology, which have been influential and integral not only to the field of social psychology but to our thinking in general.

Second, and on a more personal note, I would like to express deep gratitude and my sincere appreciation for the privilege to have been part of the last Psych 1 class that he has taught here at Stanford. Being a graduate student who had an opportunity to TA Psychology 1 in Spring of 2003 with Dr. Zimbardo, I would like to say that the experience has had a lasting and profound effect on me. It made me appreciate the difficulties and rewards that one encounters in the demanding job of being a teacher and a professor inspiring young students to fall in love with the science of psychology. Seeing on a daily basis how the most famous psychologist of our time, despite the fame and the accolades, can still connect, talk, and relate to the freshmen coming in for the first time to college was a revealing surprise.

Dr. Zimbardo is a great scientist, an influential thinker, a terrific lecturer, but above all, a man who is in touch with the human condition. I know this is a sentiment that others share as well, and I know that my encounter with Dr. Zimbardo has not only made me a better psychologist, but a better person.

For that and much more, I would like to say, "Thank you and congratulations!"

Pavel Zolotsev
Stanford University
United States

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