Here are 113 retirement messages sent by students:

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Best of luck, Doctor. Thanks for paving the way.

Marc Wagoner
University of Minnesota
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Many people seek to contribute something of value, that will last through the years to come, to their fellow humans. In this, I believe you have succeeded. Your many contributions to the field of psychology are notable, and much of your work will continue to be taught in college classrooms, and studied by aspiring professionals. May you enjoy the days to come.

Wishes of good fortune, from a diligent counseling student, and admirer.

Eric West
Humboldt State University
United States

Dr. Zimbardo, you have truly been an inspiration to all young psychologists like myself, and wish you all the best with your retirement -- you truly deserve it!

Stacey Whitbourne
Brandeis University
United States

Hello Dr. Zimbardo,

Thanks for bringing psychology into the life of millions of people.

All the best,

Frank Wieber
IGC Jena

Dr. Zimbardo,

As an undergrad studying psychology, I've come across your research often. I find your experiments to be interesting and inspiring. Thank you for all you have contributed to the field!

Amelia Wilson
Wesleyan University
United States

Congratulations for all you have achieved. Your name and your work will live on for many generations to come.

Katie Wilson
University of Queensland

Dr. Zimbardo--

I remember watching your films in AP and Social Psychology during my high school career. I love watching them now in my major courses at college. Your films are always filled with excitement, creativity, insight, and most importantly, intelligence. You have contributed so much to the world and learning of psychology that your work is praised and admired by many. Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments.

Best wishes and best of luck,

Cheryl Wright
Mercyhurst College
United States


Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I would like to thank you for all that you have contributed to the field of psychology. As a psychology student, I have studied much of your research in my classes, and it seems that your work has had a tremendous impact on the psychology community -- I feel honored just being able to send you this message!

Congratulations for all your accomplishments, and thank you again! Enjoy your retirement. :)


Jessica Wu
Wesleyan University
United States

Dr. Z,

I had the pleasure of being a T.A. for you this past spring. The Psych 1 students told me in section how warm and friendly you are, being excited to come to your lectures. For me, teaching was a wonderful experience -- I learned that I love helping and guiding students.

Thank you--

Sean Young
Stanford University

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Psychology arena. May you be happy and healthy forever and ever...

Best wishes on your retirement.

Minli Yu
National University of Singapore

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