Here are 113 retirement messages sent by students:

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Dr. Zimbardo, you are my psych teacher's hero! In psych class we watch your videos all the time. It is great to be able to learn from your expertise. You're a great teacher and educator of psychology. You are like the godfather of psych! Thanks for all that you have contributed to psych, and I'm sure your work has changed millions of people's lives.

Have a great retirement, Dr. Zimbardo.

Mike St. George
McDowell High School
United States

Dr. Zimbardo -- all the best in your retirement! I had the pleasure of reviewing your introductory text to help create an assessment tool for learning in "Intro to Psych" classes at our university, and thought it was a great resource.

Again, best wishes!

Heather Staples
University of Southern Maine
United States

Congratulations, and the best of luck to you in the future!

Quiana Stokes
Wesleyan University
United States

Best wishes and many thanks for inspiring me and my peers to be the best psychologists we can be.

Glenn Sullivan
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
United States

My Psychology lecturers always mention your name during class because you are such a famous psychologist! I read some of your books and thank you for sharing with us your knowledge. Though I do not know you personally, your name has always been around me.

May I wish you good luck, good health, and God bless.

Vicky Tang
National University of Singapore

Thank you for paving the way. You are a true pioneer. Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your contributions and commitment to psychology.

SHO Thyme
Wesleyan University
United States

I studied the Zimbardo prison experiment in high school, as part of an introductory psychology unit. Learning about your experiments was one of the things that inspired me to study psychology, first as an undergraduate, now as a Ph.D. candidate.

Best wishes for your retirement!

Susannah Tiller
University of Queensland

Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion for social psychology. It's quite inspirational.

Annie Tsai
Stanford University
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

As a current psychology student, I have come to respect and admire your work, which has always been most informative and thought provoking. I am truly thankful for your tremendous contributions.

Best wishes to you and your family!

Lauren Voler
Myers Park High School
United States

Dear Dr. Zimbardo,

I wish you good luck with your retirement. It was partly your work that made me want to study Social Psychology! It was nice meeting you on the SESP in Boston.


Anke von Rennenkampff
University of Mannheim

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